Handbag Problem

I have a deep love for handbags. What with all the information on the internet about handbags, I’m pretty sure I am not the only one.  I have spent hours upon hours of time scouring the internet (because I totally enjoy it) and there seems to be A LOT of information, sites, blogs, vlogs, etc. on handbags. I love researching bags before buying them, whether it be just photos, reviews or watching You Tube videos on them.  With that said, I thought I would start a blog talking about all things bags.  Don’t get me wrong, I have much love for lots of other topics like makeup and fashion, all those other frivolous but beautiful things and if I get inspired, I may feature some entries on these thing as well, but I wanted to start with bags because I truly have an affinity (aka obsession) for all things bags!

I want to start this blog by featuring bags I currently own, my likes and dislikes with each bags, and my personal review/ feelings on the bag itself. I will start with my absolute favorite bag in my closet, my Louis Vuitton 30 Speedy in Azure. Sigh, true love.


Reasons to love it:

The color- though difficult to maintain in pristine condition (if you actually use it) the cream and grey/blue print really does make for a great neutral.  It really goes with everything and can be worn year round.  I personally love the patina the leather takes on naturally over use and time.  and gets better with age.

The size – the 30 is really a perfect size.  Not too overwhelming for my frame (I am 5’6″) yet is deceptively roomy without looking slouchy and can hold lots of my life essentials, everything from scarves to food.  Even when stuffed to the brim, it looks very polished.

The use – I have used this bag for work, for weekend and for more casual nights out.  But I do have to say since having a child, I just can’t bare to use it while running errands with my son.  His grubby little 2 year old hands are not meant to touch my Azure Speedy.

Reasons to NOT love it:

As mentioned before, you just can’t be too precious with it.  If you aren’t too concerned with keeping it in pristine condition then the color won’t bother you but if you can’t stand a mark on your lovely white bag, then don’t bother.  You won’t use it enough to truly enjoy it!

Top handle hold only – Now that I have a kid, I much prefer a strap of some kind to either throw a bag on my shoulder or cross body.  Since this doesn’t have this functionality, I get less use of it these days, but if you can upgrade to the Bandolier version of this gorgeous bag then you are a lucky gal!

Price- its EXPENSIVE but if you use this as an every day bag then its worth it as an investment piece.

Overall I think the bag is gorgeous and I keep it in constant rotation.  I do wish I could use it more now that I have a little one, but it is beautiful even if just displayed as a centerpiece in my closet.

What are your thoughts, likes/dislikes of this bag?


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