Totes Y’All!



So now that I introduced a favorite satchel handbag of mine, I thought today I would feature my totes that I use.


Michael Kors Jet Set in navy

I have had this tote for about 5 years and have used the heck out of it! And guess what, it still looks great. Yes there is some wear on the handles and the bag is somewhat not as structured (floppier?) than when I first purchased it but I do love when a bag becomes yours and its worn in just to fit your own curves. This tote has done just that and I am not sure I could ever get rid of it- unless I replaced with the a similar if not the exact same tote.

Reasons to love it:

The Color: I used to have a nylon Nine West shoulder bag, yes throwing it way bag to when I started my first job after college days, and that Nine West bag was my go to for at least a year. I swear navy is one of the most underrated colors for a bag- truly a wonderful neutral for a bag. It is subtle and professional, goes with black and brown and really adds a nice color to an otherwise all black outfit. I am always on the hunt for another great navy bag but they are quite difficult to find!

The Size: This tote is a great size. Not too big, not too small. You can fit everything in it, and defined as a “tote” it definitely fulfills its purpose. Fits nicely over the shoulder and still stands up when placing it down.

The Use: I have used this for every day, for work, as a weekend tote, to traveling. Its big enough to stow a clutch when you just need to grab and go after work. The tote is a must for any gal’s closet!

The Price: For having lasted me years, it has definitely fulfilled its cost. This is a moderately priced bag ($279) and it has worn very well.

Reasons to NOT love it:

I can’t say too much bad about a tote, especially this one. I guess my biggest complaint would be that there isn’t a zipper top. Having it open ended does sometimes bother me, especially when traveling because you want to make sure your items are secured, especially when squishing it under the seat in front of you on plane. There have been times it has toppled over in my car while driving and out comes everything and anything living in my bag. But to better organize the bag would be a temporary solution. Various pouches within the bag help keep various items inside and organized.


Longchamp La Pliage in black

His nylon tote is a classic. Its portable, lightweight, easy to clean and great for travel. I have owned a few in various colors but eventually sold them all since I really only use the black one for throwing in my suitcase to carry extra purchases or what not when heading back home. It’s great as a carry on and I have even used it as a diaper bag. Casual and sturdy but truly a classic.

Reasons to love it:

The color: you can’t go wrong with a black bag- doesn’t show wear and tear, and the brown leather handles add a nice touch of color.

The size: Large, roomy and flexible. Perfect size for traveling. Can fold up and be compact enough to stow away.

The use: Daily, for work, weekend and travel. Also the beach! I had a pink one I used for the beach frequently. I wouldn’t use this for a night out since its pretty large and could be cumbersome while dancing it up but there is a smaller tote size in the Le Pliage which could be a perfect alternative.

The price: This large tote will only run you about $129. For as sturdy and useful as it is, it’s a very useful piece to have.

Reasons to NOT love it:

It is a bit casual and sometimes it bothers me that the bag doesn’t stand upright when set down but I personally don’t use it as an everyday tote

LV Neverful in Damier:

I have wanted this bag for a couple of years and used the reason of being pregnant with my second child to buy it as my one last splurge to myself before that little baby gets here! I just got this a few months ago and although I love it, I unfortunately just can’t seem to use it as much as I like.

Reasons I love it:

Its LV- enough said J I am a big fan of Louis bags.

The Color: The browns make it really match anything and I LOVE this print (please see first entry on the Azure) I wish I had it in the speedy. I did have it in the bandoliere but ended up selling it because I had gotten the 35 which was just too big for me.

The reasons I DON’T love it:

The Size: Now this is the part that gets me- I do love how its convertible with the ties on the side but it is just REALLY large. Like too large. I kind of wish I had gotten the smaller version but then I would have another open tote like my Michael Kors and I just don’t need 2 of the same type of bag.

The price: It was WAY too much for how much I use it. Now once this baby girl arrived, maybe I will use it more since I will be toting around baby stuff and toddler stuff but for right now, I can’t find anything in the darn thing, its like a black hole! I did try sorting things in various sized pouches, but it still didn’t help.

If I don’t use it much after the baby gets here, I may try to sell it through Poshmark. It’s a beautiful bag but I don’t want it to go to waste just staring at me from my closet, not to mention the amount of real estate that thing takes up in my closet!

What are some totes you love?  Or ones you could do without?

One thought on “Totes Y’All!

  1. boondork2

    Even though I’m not the kind of guy that carries a handbag around, I still enjoyed your writing style. I was able to read your whole blog and find it interesting, and entertaining. It’s also refreshing to find a blog that’s real, and heartfelt, and not just trying to sell something. So keep up the good work and I will keep checking back in even though I have no intention of buying a handbag……. I don’t think.


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