The LV Odeon

The LV Odeon Messenger Bag

This is the Louis Vuitton Odeon MM cross body bag in the classic monogram print. It has been very well loved and used as you can tell from the photos. I was only able to find the smaller version (Odeon PM) online so I am not sure this larger version it is still available through Louis Vuitton’s website.    I used this for at least 1 year straight and it got me through a rough time in my life, which sounds ridiculous because it’s just a bag, but I really have such sentimental feelings towards this bag.  I took it on several trips with me and every time I use it, it reminds me of one of the most trying times but best times of my life.

What I love about it:

Cross body bags are really just so useful. I rode my bike everywhere when I used this bag so it was easy to throw on when riding around town and it also looks professional enough for work.  The strap is adjustable so you can use it as a shoulder bag as well. The size, even though it’s quite narrow, it holds quite a bit and I like that you can carry papers or magazines without them getting bent out of shape.  The outer pocket is quite handy for your phone and keys. And the zipper top is essential.  I also love the way the LV leather wears, it looks used but wears to a nice tan patina.

What NOT to love about it: If you need to carry anything bulky it probably won’t fit so well because it is narrow. I always carry a wrap or scarf with me so I like to tie it around the strap since it would create too much bulk in the bag itself.  As all LVs, its pricey but with as much use as I have gotten out of it, it was well worth the investment!

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