Still About Bags But Small Detour – Coach / Poshmark img_1784

The Coach Kristin Elevated Satchel – Limited Edition

So I am a huge fan of Poshmark. If you aren’t familiar with Poshmark, it’s an App where you can sell and /or buy things directly from peoples’ closets. Most things are used but you can find new retail items on there as well. You can make an offer to the seller when purchasing and get some great deals on things that would otherwise be an unattainable luxury item. I have sold quite a few things on Poshmark and have bought quite a few things as well.  But I am still learning when it comes to purchasing handbags from Poshmark. I recently purchased this limited edition COACH satchel and even though I got a great deal on it, it’s not the real deal.  It had all of tags and a dust bag but I have never had a COACH bag where the links wear down to plastic, and I have had SEVERAL COACH bags. Especially since this bag retails for close to $800 I would assume it wouldn’t have plastic hardware.  I did research online and the overall consensus is COACH would never have plastic hardware, it is always brass, so folks, with that said, I have been duped.

I can usually spot a fake from a mile away so this was a bit disheartening. I actually purchased this hoping to clean it up and resell it to make some money but now I won’t be able to do that without a disclaimer that this is a fake. And I highly doubt anyone would pay more for it than I did.  I am very much against using fakes not only because it cheapens the brand, but it supports an unacceptable industry of child slave labor and trafficking.

Lessons learned: When purchasing online via consignment, always ask for more pictures, and detailed pictures! And always look at peoples’ reviews on the seller. Next time, I will be a lot more meticulous about purchasing used designer bags. And to be honest, I love buying new so that the bag wears the way I want it to wear, giving it some history.  But I do collect vintage bags for show, especially beaded evening bags- these are really like little pieces of art.

What I really find great about Poshmark is if you are buying something over $500, Poshmark automatically has it sent through their center for inspection and to insure and authenticate the item being sold. I have sold Louis Vuitton through them and they were very professional and careful when handling my item. They do keep a cut of what you sell for and you do have to add shipping onto your purchase when buying, but if you have ever consigned at a store, the cut is MUCH bigger, not to mention hauling and having all of your things inspected at a consignment store is quite inconvenient.  Poshmark is convenient and has a lot more traffic to get your items moving quickly. Not to mention your selection as a buyer is endless! So just because this purchase didn’t turn out well, I would not deter from continuing to use the app.  It is a great source for hidden gems and bargains! In the meantime, I will try to resell this bag or just chalk it up as a loss.

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