Bags that make me go ‘meh’

Rebecca Minkoff Cupid

I had been scouring the internet for another navy bag but more of a satchel style. (See previous entry on my Michael Kors jet set and my deep affinity for navy bags). I had been following a Rebecca Minkoff navy cupid on Poshmark for almost a year but the price just wouldn’t go down and all of my offers had been declined. Then as fate would have it, the perfect navy satchel came up on Poshmark. I have had a Rebecca Minkoff Cupid satchel before, in fact I have had 2 colors of it (black and brown) and eventually sold them, so I knew I liked the style of the Cupid. So when an affordable navy Cupid with silver hardware popped up on Poshmark from a new closet, I jumped on it! It was just perfect, fit the bill, or so I thought. I waited with bated breath for this perfect bag and then once received, I opened up the box and It turned out to be a bit more of a royal blue color than navy. It did have the silver hardware which I like. But the cross body strap is two toned with tan on the underside of the strap and the blue on the other. The strap has not been used, in fact it still has the wrap on it. So as excited as I was to finally score what I thought was the most overall perfect bag to use for every day, once I had it in hand in front of my long length mirror, my first impression was … “meh”.


The Kooba Gable – Another “meh” purchase

By the way, if you are interested in this bag, it has since been posted on Poshmark! My closet seller name is mhbrown13.

This attitude of “meh, It’s just ok” seems to be my feeling for a few bags in my closet. And having just read the Magic Art of Tidying and really supporting and attempting to follow the Kon Mari method of truly loving every item I own, this “meh “feeling is not ideal. These “meh” bags are ones I had such high hopes for because I researched them like crazy before making the purchase- like watching You Tube videos, reading reviews, looking at pictures and even doing comparisons to other bags so I knew I was making the right choice, and then I finally receive it, get to hold it in my hands, and I am clearly not impressed, maybe even let down, and that feeling my friends is not the feeling I want when I get a new bag. I want a bag that makes me want to use it all the time, no matter what I am wearing or the color of the bag. I want a bag that defines my style, that still looks polished, classic and not too trendy and I want a bag that really elevates me look. I want a bag that I can’t wait to fill with my purse essentials, switched from my current bag in use. Overall, I want to feel excited! Maybe I am asking for too much from a handbag? I mean is there just one bag that could fulfill all my needs? Seems pretty impossible but something I am almost always trying to attain- one bag for everything!

I feel some of this “meh” attitude stems from online shopping. Before becoming a mom, I used to go to department stores and just fall in love with a bag. That instant love had nothing to do with research or comparing bags, it was just instinct. Whether it was the color or the style, the bag would just speak to me and that was enough to get me to commit to using it every day until something else came along.

Maybe now I need to follow that instinct more when purchasing bags. This practice would dramatically cut down my online shopping in turn cut down my spending because I spend a lot online. But now that I am a mom, I never get to go to the mall and shop at places in person! This is also the reason for my online shopping habit because who wants to go shopping at the mall with a 2-year-old while 8 months pregnant??? I certainly don’t. But maybe as a New Year’s resolution, I need to take some more me time. This me time would include maybe a trip to a department store just to wander through the handbags awaiting that spark of joy that happens when the timing is right and making it my cue to purchase the most perfect bag. Because who would ever purchase a bag in person, on site that made me feel “meh”?


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