My Miu Miu

My Beloved Miu Miu

This beautiful large leather tote bag was an impulse purchase I made at Neiman Marcus while living in Arizona. The pictures don’t do it justice.  In the near future (after this baby) I want to post pictures wearing the bag but for now, the bags must shine in the photos on their own.  (It’s actually a huge pet peeve of mine when I am trying to purchase a bag and there are no pictures of people actually wearing or using the bag!  Note: future blog post!)

I immediately fell in love with it because of the color and the slouchiness of the leather. I remember the saleswoman telling me how it would only get better with time, and it’s been at least 10 years since I bought it and she was right. It cost me a pretty penny but I used this bag religiously for a long period of time– to work, for travel and even took it to pools and beaches. I have had it professionally cleaned and repaired once. I rarely use it these days because it is somewhat heavy and it just feels more of a warm weather bag to me and since I live in Colorado, I don’t use it during fall, winter or spring. It only seems appropriate in the summer. I have thought about selling it but it’s been a hard one to let go of!

I don’t think there is a purpose in listing reasons to love or not love this bag since it is no longer available anywhere. What this bag taught me is that if you fall in love with a bag on site, go with your gut and buy it because you never know when or if you will see it again! If you love it that much, you will find any and every reason to use the heck out of it, regardless if it matches or if it’s the newest trendiest piece. It is rare that I get that feeling any more with a handbag, maybe because I have more important things on my plate but I am sure once my kids are a little older and I can actually go shopping at a fancy department store again, I will hope to fall in love with a bag on instinct alone, just like I did with this Miu Miu.

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