‘Tis the season to sparkle!


I have a few sparkly bags that I use for more formal nights out, but since I am sooo pregnant, I haven’t had much opportunity to go out… at all. So I will just pretend I get to partake in the holiday festivities this season and discuss my pretty bags.


I got this beaded white vintage bag on Etsy for my wedding day.  It is a sentimental piece but it’s perfect to use for the holiday season. Its quite a nice size, can fit my phone and some makeup, and for being vintage white, it was in perfect condition when I bought it.  I think I scored this for around $30.  If you ever need wedding gear for the bride, shop Etsy! Etsy is one of my favorite sites for searching beautiful one of a kind pieces that are inexpensive.  I actually bought much of my wedding items there.


This mesh shoulder bag is a Whiting and Davis bag in antique gold. I have used this on not so formal nights out since it is such a great size and has a shoulder strap. It has a disco vibe so it goes great with any dancing attire – I wish I had this bag in silver too!  But if you are familiar with Whiting and Davis, they are a bit pricey, so I won’t be able to make that purchase any time soon.


This small beaded clutch is great for a summer wedding but that doesn’t mean it can’t go with a sparkly dress for a holiday party. Only the bare essentials will fit so when in use, you must pack light! I really can’t remember where I purchased this one, maybe Urban Outfitters? Either way it’s a cute little number and goes with a lot!


I also have two minauderies. These are box like clutches that also fit just the bare essentials.  They look very chic and although they both come with detachable straps, I think they look much sleeker when held in hand.  (As mentioned in my previous blog, in the near future I plan on actually showcasing the bags with an outfit so you get the full feel of the fit, size and style of the bag).


The black patent has rose gold hardware which I love.  I love anything rose gold and it is a very difficult color to find!  I bought this for under $60 at Nordstrom and have used it more times than I can count.


The larger minauderie is another tried and true Rebecca Minkoff in the color Anthracite.  It has a bronze color finish so it really doesn’t matter what jewelry you wear; it looks great with silver or gold!

Even though these beautiful little bags do not get near as much use as they should, I do love them and keep them stored in my closet until that formal event comes up. I have yet to feel a need to get any more evening bags since these all seem to fit any event and/or outfit that has come up.

For those of you lucky enough to go out this holiday season, enjoy the parties, the champagne and the dancing! I will hopefully be indulging in some eggnog with my feet up!

By the way, keep following me for my 2016 favorites! I will be listing 12 various favorite things of the year next week, (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)! I wanted to do just favorite bags but I figure various things is a lot more interesting than seeing the same bags posted in previous entries.

Happy Holidays!

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