2016 Favorites – Techy stuff

I didn’t want to just post about favorite bags for my next three entries this week.  Being the end of the year, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to post about all of my favorite things for the year 2016, broken down by category.  Today will be about techy stuff.   Please note, I am NOT technologically savvy in the slightest so forgive my very in advanced tech mentions, I realize I am behind in the tech world.

The App – Texture


This app is a monthly fee of $10.00 to access any monthly magazine subscription in lieu of getting a hard copy in the mail.  You can download an unlimited number of magazines which is great because I love to read magazines.  My usual go-tos are fashion magazines, but now since having this app, I have really gotten into food and recipe magazines in addition to design, home decor and architecture magazines.  It’s really useful for traveling so you can download several at a time for a trip. It doesn’t take up any space in your carry on and you don’t have to worry about lugging all those paper backs with you from the beach!  I use to tear pages out of magazines and save them in a  binder but now with Texture, there is a feature that allows me to save pages directly onto my iPad to reference later. You can sort by category and title, and even add descriptions, like you would on Pinterest, which provides easy access for future reference

For the phone – Extra Battery Pack 


I am pretty sure I am VERY late to the party on this one. I got an extra battery for my phone earlier this year and I am not sure how I ever lived without it! I bought this Amazon Basic Portable Power Bank on Amazon for around $30.  I have since misplaced the battery in my move to my new home and am going crazy not being able to locate it.  I always carried it around in my purse with me just in case my phone died.  It’s also nice to not have to plug in somewhere and hope your cord is long enough to reach where you are located, otherwise, you end up on the floor next to a plug looking like a fool.  If I don’t find before the end of the year, it will most definitely be a repurchase on Amazon!

The Present – Kindle Paperwhite 


I got a Kindle last Christmas and it is one of my favorite presents from my husband (besides my engagement ring) to date. I read about a book a month and it is just so great to have my books portable.  For many of the same reasons as the Texture app, it is so perfect for travel. I don’t have to lug around books with me and you can even download free books from the library. They disappear from your kindle once they expire. Also the Kindle is great for reading outside (my only gripe with my Ipad) since it adjusts to sunlight and literally looks like a paper back page. The only problem with it is if there are color pics in your book you can’t see them in color so you can’t download magazines on it. If I could only combine my Ipad and Kindle functions, I would have a perfect piece of technology!

The Book – The Magnolia Story


I know this is not a “techy item” per se, but since I just mentioned the Kindle, I had to give my shout out to my favorite read for the year- it was The Magnolia Story. This is about Chip and Joanna Gaines from the hit HGTV show “Fixer Upper”, a show I am obsessed with. Their show is based in Waco Texas and their goal is to buy, sell and renovate the worst house in the best neighborhood.  They do such a good job with these houses, it has made me want to move to Waco Texas, buy a farm, cover everything in shiplap and attend church with these people…and I don’t even go to church… for real.  If you haven’t seen the show already, (then you must live in a hole), you must check it out.

The book is the story about how they met, how they got started in the real estate and interior design business and its just an overall beautiful story that really hits you in the feels, or maybe that was just my pregnancy hormones going into sentimental over drive! Either way, I found it very sweet and inspiring. It made me love the show and the Gaineses even more.


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