2016 Favorites for the Five Senses

I wanted to do my favorite sensory items of the year today via the five senses so here goes:

Touch / Skincare – Clairsonic! 


Well this thing changed my life! I follow lots of beauty vloggers and I think it was last year, they all started raving about the Clairsonic. I didn’t think anything of it until I went to a spa for a facial and the asthetician used a Clair sonic on my face and my skin felt amazing! I bought one immediately after leaving that doctor’s office. I only use it once a week since it tends to make me too dry if I use it too often, at least right now in the winter and while pre go, but once I use it, I feel like I have a brand new face. It really sloughs off the dead skin and brightens my skin right up. I also feel like my skin absorbs more of my moisturizers and serums so the next morning, my skin feels new and hydrated.

Sounds / Music – Justin Bieber


Ugh I have to admit, I am a Belieber. The guy had way too many hits this year and I unfortunately liked every one.  I am too old for this….

Taste / Drink – Peppermint Mochas 


Normally I would include an alcoholic beverage in this section but because of my “condition” aka “no fun”, I have to go with the chocolate peppermint combo. For some reason, I only tend to like peppermint in the winter so as far as fall coming around and everyone wanting Pumpkin spice everything, I want chocolate Peppermint everything. So bring on the Starbucks Peppermint Mochas! I also love the Swiss Miss Mint hot chocolate with the peppermint marshmallows. I am sure once the holidays pass, so will my affinity for Starbucks Peppermint Mochas, my wallet will be so happy.

Scent / Lavender – oil, scrub and bubble bath


Oh gosh, since I have been prego, my love for lavender has grown. I literally want to eat lavender it smells so amazing to me. I use lavender oil on my wrists and neck before I go to bed so I fall asleep to the smell. I also found this Shea bubble bath for my son that is a Lavender Lemon concoction of pure bliss! Whenever we load up the tub with it, I just want to be surrounded by the scent 24 hours a day, it’s just glorious. Another staple of mine is the Trader Joe’s lavender scrub. So invigorating and again, the smell is so nice. It’s like $8 for a giant tub of it and I have gone through at least 3 tubs of it since I discovered it at Trader Joe’s.

See / Show – Fixer Upper and The Profit 


Fixer Upper is one show I never miss. Luckily its on early enough that I am still awake to watch it. As mentioned in the previous favorite blog entry, it’s a show about fixing the worst house in the best neighborhood. The Gaineses are a fun couple that really care about their buyers and really look out for their best interests. They are also quite thrifty, which always amazes me- I mean where can you buy a house for 50K, renovate it into your dream home for another 50K? Apparently Waco Texas. Who knew???

The Profit is a really fascinating show to me. Marcus, the business investor and analyst, embarks on a partnership with a business owner who is failing in their current business. Once Marcus takes over a percentage of the business in order to try and save it, he does a very thorough analysis of what should be done- whether its revamping the actual store, changing merchandising or changing the business’ current focus. What fascinates me the most, is that he uses math to solve most of the businesses problems. Just by crunching some numbers on inventory, debt, etc, he knows how to save the business and make it actually profitable. It’s also fascinating to me that business owners can be so completely naive when it comes to their own finances. They care so much about their product that they are blinded by the mounting debt and or stupid decisions, poor attitude. Either way, it makes for a great show and I always have a take away and learn from each episode.

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