Favorite clothes, makeup and overall favorite of 2016


Forever 21 kimono

I think I got this Kimono a few years ago and have worn it on so many occasions- to weddings, for holiday and just for fun. This year it has come in especially useful due to being pregnant. It looks nice without making me look like I am wearing a mumu. Thank you Forever 21 kimono- I need more of these in my life.

The white coat- who in their right mind with a small child would wear a white coat in the winter?


I never thought I would but this coat was such a score on Poshmark. Its DKNY, and came to me in perfect condition. It’s more of a creamy white than a stark winter white that really goes with everything, especially work attire which my wardrobe mostly consists of neutral greys and blacks on a daily basis so this adds a nice pop of color. It also pairs nicely with a dress or skirt since it has a nice flirty pleat a-line shape. I wore this coat all Spring and received so many compliments on it. I do have to be careful with it but so far I haven’t had any issues with it getting stained or too dirty. I try and keep my son at arm’s length when sporting this coat J

Makeup – Gwen Stefani makeup palette, Tarte z palette, E.l.f. HD powder 


This was a hard one to narrow down since I have a lot of makeup. But when really looking at the palettes I have, it was easy to see the ones I consistently use. Gwen’s urban decay palette definitely came out on top as far as usage. I got the Gwen Stefani Urban Decay makeup palette last Christmas and I still use it consistently. First off the case itself is stunning, it looks beautiful on my vanity. The design is modern and sleek with a mirror inside. As urban Decay shadows go theses shades are just as super smooth as their usual shadows and I love that the palette has lots of neutrals for everyday use. The shimmer sparkle shades are really nice for that extra pop of color but are not so out there that you can’t wear them to work. There are only 2 shades that I don’t use at all. The black is perfect- in fact I wish I could take it out to move into my z palette. Overall this palette has pretty much every color for any look I need to create. I will be sad when those frequently used shadows start hitting pan, which will be any day….

Tool wise I had to pick my new Tarte leopard print z palette. Its large and has a large mirror which is perfect for travel. I can fit a variety of shadows, most of mine are either makeup geek and too faced, but I have pans of blush, setting powder and highlight also in this palette which makes it so very useful.

I have to give a shout out to my Elf HD undereye powder and translucent powder . I use these for setting my under eye after applying concealer and I have yet to find anything that works as beautifully. I have tried the expensive brands – like Laura Mercier and Tarte, and also cult favorites like the Ben Nye banana, but the E.l.f. powder is the lightest most brightening powder I use. It just works for me. I have a few other powders for setting that I do like, but this one really does the trick, plus its super cheap, so I will just continue to use this and list it as holy grail status.





This is a limited edition Rebecca Minkoff, yes another Rebecca Minkoff, bag with rose gold hardware.

Why it’s my favorite bag purchase this year: As soon as I saw it, I just had to have it! Maybe because I love horses? Or rosegold? Or Rebecca Minkoff? All are good reasons and in addition, its different and I got it on Poshmark for a very good price. The zebra detailing is just precious. The color is kind of a mauve/tan color so it goes with everything. I also love the fact that the strap is adjustable and can be worn over the shoulder, cross body or used as a clutch. And did I mention it has rose gold hardware?? So hard to find! Even though I have used it only a few times this year, it was definitely worth it considering how much I love it! I know I will use it a lot more in the future.

My LV Damier pouch


Even though I didn’t fall head over heels in love with my LV Neverful, I have certainly gotten lots of use out of the clutch that accompanied the Neverful. This pouch is pretty large so it has multiple uses- I have used it as extra storage in my bags for makeup and misc. loose items, I have used it as a clutch out to dinner. I have also used the key ring lanyard for attaching my keys to a bag or as a wrist let attachment for the pouch. Overall, it has been more useful to me than the bag it came with!



I have to throw in my Banana Republic satchel as an honorable mention for 2016. It is a recent fall purchase and as you can see, the color is just divine. I am not much of a red color gal but this is more of a wine burgundy shade that is just perfect for the fall. I love how roomy it is. I got it for about $65 because I had a gift card. Since I can’t purchase clothes at the moment, a bag was the only thing I could purchase that I could use right now. It is still available on Banana Republic’s site for $168.00.


2016 Overall FAVORITE – My Passion Planner! 


Oh so you say you haven’t heard of the wonderful “Passion Planner”??? I cannot say enough good things about this little planner. I have the compact version, fits just perfect in my purse- of course. This planner is a very creative planner- meaning it allows you to be creative while still having a plan. If you ever get the urge to just start being organized or you are an avid yearly calendar planner, check it out. I am on my second year of owning a passion planner and being almost 40 and never having maintained the same style planner year after year, I can safely say this one has stuck. I am addicted to it. It allows me to journal goals and inspiration, all the while organize my daily activities. It can be whatever you want it to be, customizable and almost like a scrap book- a planner that fits every creative person’s needs and then some!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and happy New Year. I will try and post a few times more before this baby gets here but I can’t guarantee I will be able to do much in the next couple weeks. so with that, I will say good by to 2016, and hello to 2017!

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