Day 2 – Baby Steps

First thing I did when I woke up was jump on my scale- after that one whole day of no carbs and sweets, I was eager to see if there was any progress.  I took a deep breath and there it was, 2 pounds, I LOST 2 POUNDS!  What? No way, I stepped back onto the scale and sure enough I was down 2 lbs. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much since it could be water weight right?? But seeing 2 lbs less on the scale (and a number I had not seen in over ONE YEAR) was extremely motivating so there is no choice but to continue with the slow carb diet.  I took an additional tip from the book and drank an ice cold cup of water before eating breakfast. Apparently it helps burn more calories.  Hey, whatever, this “diet” can’t be wrong, I just lost 2 lbs! So of course I will try it.

My meals were as follows:

7AM – Eggs (2), spinach, black beans

11AM – Grilled chicken, spinach, black beans

3PM – Handful of almonds

7PM – Pork, green beans, garbanzo beans

10PM – Bed

No physical activity since I was at work and lots of water throughout the day. I plan on adding lemon to my waters starting in the next few days.

I did start my crave list which currently looks like this:

Donuts, Milkshake, Toblerone, Pizza, Chinese and a crispy chile relleno .  I would say my eyes are bigger than my stomach, and my carb cravings are on another level.- the struggle is real.

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