Day 3- Can I have some sugar yet?

Day 3 began with me jumping onto that scale once again, only to be completely shocked that I again had lost 2 lbs, actually, 2.4 lbs to be exact.  So in 2 days, I lost 4.4 lbs which was pretty incredible.  Well, I guess it was safe to say this was not water weight but the hard earned discipline of not eating sweets and carbs.  Crap, those health nuts are right, sugar does make you fat!  Sigh, I was hoping it was the broccoli….

First thing at 6:30AM – Ice cold water

7AM – Eggs (2), spinach, garbanzo beans

11Am pork, green beans, garbanzo beans

3PM handful of almonds

*630/7PM shredded pork from the crockpot, green beans, garbanzo beans

*This meal actually didn’t feel like dieting- you are allowed sauces so I used a BBQ sauce from New Zealand, very tasty and a perfect compliment to pulled pork. You can purchase the sauce here: New Zealand BBQ Sauce

I received a tool for my weight loss journey in the mail today.  A scale.  I have a cheap scale but it doesn’t really do much, in fact I don’t even think it weighs correctly because it shows a different number every time I step on it.   So i purchased a fancy scale. This scale is a Greater Goods scale and measures total body composition- BMI, body fat and pounds, in addition to other kinds of measurements that I currently have no idea what they are for or what they mean.

See the fancy scale here: Greater Goods Scale

I made the mistake of setting up the scale this evening and needless to say, there is a reason you should weigh yourself in the morning. I was 3 lbs higher than my old scale weight!  But I was still at a loss of 3.8 lbs.  I was able to get a preliminary reading for BMI and body fat, and wow, that’s a scary number!  Let’s just say I was tallied at being on the borderline of “obese”. Now THAT is an eye opener and a motivator to start my next day off right!




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