Day 5 – Cheat day is finally here!

I got up early and true to my word, I had a piece of chocolate.  I also jumped on the scale and lost another pound!  I suppose the true experiment is to see if I lose weight still even after my cheat day but the book does say you should not weigh yourself after cheat day and resume the normal food schedule and weigh ins after binging.  All I know is I am going to do my darndest to eat as much of everything bad as possible.  Let’s begin with breakfast-  around 7:30 I had a croissant with egg and cheese, a vanilla cafe latte (small) and a vanilla kreme donut, all from Dunkin’ Donuts.  I choose this location for three reasons- they are very close by, they have a drive through and I had to cross that donut craving off my list.  I’m not sure why I got the coffee.  I don’t normally drink coffee but thought maybe I should drink it because I needed to stay awake to eat all the food off my list? Anyway, I got back home and my husband was nice enough to let me eat alone as he watched the kids and I indulged for 15 minutes.  You are supposed to spend at least 30 minutes eating but I just couldn’t eat those carbs fast enough!  Boy did I enjoy those 15 minutes! Much to my surprise, as much as I thought I would enjoy the donut, I actually loved the cheese and croissant much much more. I didn’t even drink half my coffee and I had to force myself to eat all of the donut, just kept thinking to myself, “I can’t have anything like this for the whole week so I have to eat it”, but maybe, just maybe, I won’t even crave it again.


The vanilla kreme donut that pushed me over the edge.

Lunch at 11:30PM was Chick Fil’ A- this was not my first choice but we had my niece and nephew with us and since they love Chick Fil’ A I had to be the doting Aunt and go with their wishes.  I had chicken nuggets, fries and a Dr. Pepper.  I had entered my calorie intake throughout the day so far and after lunch I had already consumed over a 1000 calories, yikes!  Fast food is not for the faint of heart and as so many documentaries have told us, eating it all the time for every meal is probably not the best idea.   So after that fried filled lunch, I pretty much felt horrible. All I wanted was a large glass of cold water to wash away all of the bad I had consumed so far.

As my husband took the kids to a movie, I decided to do my favorite form of exercise- shopping!  I picked up a few gifts for friends and for me, myself and I at Ulta and once home, proceeded to guzzle water.  Wow, my sodium intake must be through the roof.

Dinner of choice is a mighty hefty cheese, mushroom and black olive calazone and a caesar salad. I ate it ALL, stuffed myself to the brim, but I really didn’t feel so great.  I guess inhaling large quantities of cheese is not the best way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated? I then decided to eat half a Toblerone- too much? Not according to the slow carb diet.

Well its the end of the day and I made it halfway through my craving list:

A donut, half a Toblerone (dessert after dinner), and pizza. Pretty good for a first cheat day.  Needless to say I didn’t log the remainder of my calories because why give myself nightmares.

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