Day 6 – The food hangover



I am back to my slow carbing today and there was a little (tiny) part of me somewhat relieved to get to eat some healthy food.  I totally broke the rules and weighed myself but it actually wasn’t too bad. I was still down but not as much.  Let’s see if getting back on track today will help shed the extra weight.

My schedule was quite a bit off today since its Sunday and we had a pool day on the schedule.  How was I going to eat in compliance to this diet at the pool??? I did my best- I made extra bacon to take with me, celery sticks and seaweed sheets.  Very random but I was kind of at a loss as to what to eat!

*Breakfast at 7AM – 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, 2 strips of bacon, 1/3 roma tomato, 1/3 avocado.

*I skipped the beans because frankly, I just don’t want to eat them anymore.  I did some further research on the reasoning for the beans at every meal and essentially it comes down to just feeling more satisfied and full until your next meal.  Also, women tend to hold onto carbs more and the recommended amount for woman as not as high as men, so I thought I would test out cutting back on the beans to 2 meals per day versus all 4.

Snack @ 11 (at the pool) – 2 strips of bacon, 1 cup celery, 10 sheets seaweed.

If you have never had dried seaweed, I highly recommend it.  It is high in nutrients, satisfies any saltiness craving and my toddler loves them!

After baking in the sun for a few hours, we went to Chipotle for a late lunch. For me, it was a bit early since I wasn’t supposed to eat until 3 but since Chipotle was used as an example in the book, I thought I would give it a try.  I modified the meal to:

Lunch @ 1:45 pm – Black beans, chicken, lettuce, tomato and the dressing on the side.

To be honest, it was pretty awful and I won’t be eating there any time soon.

Due to the high salt content of my meals today, I was consuming mass amounts of cold water.  I will blame Chipotle and the bacon for that- unfortunately this water did not seem to make a difference in satiating my thirst! It was also in the high 90’s today so that could have something to do with it as well.

Dinner @7pm – chicken kabobs with a great baja citrus marinade and some agave honey,  1/2 cup lentils (excited to have this for lunch leftovers tomorrow!)

Bed at 10PM

After dealing with my food hangover today, I came up with a few insights-

I will NOT have fast food on my cheat day next Saturday!  I figure if I can eat whatever I want, I sure don’t want it to be fast food! So Chick- fil-a is a no-go, as is Dunkin Donuts.  The donut really wasn’t as good as I had hoped anyhow so I think I am going to add chocolate croissant to the crave list instead.  I WILL have chocolate- miss that more than I thought because I really don’t eat that much chocolate, although maybe I just didn’t realize how much chocolate I eat, therefore I am going through withdrawals and craving it more?  Either way, I will top off my chocolate croissants with my Toblerone this Saturday.  I am also going to have ice cream because having this hot of weather makes me really want ice cream or a milkshake and last but not least, fruit!  I really wanted fruit at the pool because it’s so refreshing but alas, no sugar allowed.  I will be sure to have lots of it on Saturday.  In the meantime, I am going to research more creative ways of preparing foods for this diet- I just can’t imagine only eating these few things all the time? I am sure there are ways to modify and make them different using the same ingredients but so far, I haven’t come up with much except various marinades and seasonings.





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