Day 7 – Ugh, was all my hard work for nothing?

Today is one week from my start of the 4 hour body (4HB) so back to weighing myself this fine Monday morning and though I was down for the week in total, it was only about a pound and a half- UGH,  did my cheat day really ruin all my hard work???

I was pretty discouraged so I did some research online from other bloggers who are or have done the 4HB.  You know, the internet is an amazing thing- you can literally find anything yet I was still somewhat surprised as to how much information there was on the 4HB- I guess I was a bit behind on the band wagon! There were many tips and tricks for maintaining your weight during cheat day, as well as things that normally happen when first doing this diet.

I learned that women tend to hold onto carbs more than men so incorporating the amount of beans recommended in the book is not necessary for women.  It was recommended that the amount be halved which to me came as quite a relief.  I am pretty burnt out on beans.  So starting tomorrow I will not have beans at every meal, just at lunch and dinner.  Let’s see if this has any impact on my weight loss. I also noticed my water weight was high on the scale so this could be the bloat which would most definitely effect my weight.  Also the book mentions that pounds are not a tell tale sign of weightloss- checking inches lost around various parts of your body is a good indicator of your body losing weight. Tomorrow will be my measurement day so maybe that will show some progress.  Other tips that I will try for my next cheat day will be:

  • Eating within 30 minutes of waking up (even on Saturday)
  • Load up on protein!  Make your first meal of cheat day with lots of protein-  So, as much as I don’t want to eat eggs, looks like they will be on the menu for cheat day.
  • Try and work out on cheat day- the book says to do a 90 second power move (like squats or kettlebell).  I find it hard to believe 90 seconds could make a difference but again, I will try anything to not gain all that weight back on cheat day.

Meals for today:

Breakfast @7AM- 1 whole egg, 3 egg whites * I did purchase liquid egg whites so I could up my protein and lower my amount of fat since yolk is high.

Lunch @11- Leftover chicken kabobs- delish! 1/2 cup lentils and 1 cup spinach

Snack @3PM – 15 almonds

Dinner @6:30PM – Chicken, Garbanzo beans, peas

Snack (Dessert!) 2 tablespoons of peanut butter

PB 2

I was getting somewhat bored with my food picks so I did some searching online and I was able to download and print a list of slow carb friendly foods from Finding My Fitness  .  This list makes it easy to reference a food and to make choices for future grocery purchases easier by choosing one (or more) item from each category.  I also saw peanut butter on there and pretty much thought that would be a great snack/dessert to at least satisfy some after dinner cravings.   You obviously cannot eat much of it, about two spoonfuls, but its something and that little something tastes pretty darn good after not having sugar for a few days.




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