A (Few) Days in the Life


This morning, down 1 lb.

Overall, a work day is usually an easier day to get through since I am not constantly thinking about my food. I prepare my lunches for work and already have my snack of almonds at my desk so day time eating during work doesn’t take as much thought.  Dinner is a little more difficult since I do alter my plate from the family’s, (toddlers generally don’t eat steak and green beans) so I try to modify or eliminate the carb portion of the family meal for my own plate. So far, I haven’t missed potatoes or rice, not a big fan of these sides anyway, but bread is a big downfall of mine when it comes to carbs.  Once I have a  piece of bread, I just can’t stop eating it, and it could be any kind of bread- banana, garlic, or even just plain sandwich bread.  It’s all good to me!  So my biggest and most consistent craving so far is bread.  I am very much missing it, especially my usual sesame bagel with plain cream cheese I get at least once a week for breakfast.  (Side note- put bagel  on the crave list.)

The positive points on being on the 4HB, besides losing pounds and inches, is it is pretty cheap to prepare your meals.  I bought a bag of dry lentils at Target for a little over $1.00 and not knowing they expand A LOT once cooked, I made the whole bag which will probably last me more than a week.  I am currently growing spinach in my garden at home so I have spinach pretty much every morning for breakfast (free) and then having the egg whites with whole eggs, I think my usual breakfast costs less than $0.50  – now that is cheap!

Another positive is that meal planning is pretty easy, especially now that I am getting used to eating certain things.  Since I know I have to pick a protein, a bean and a vegetable, its easy to prepare my meals, not to mention easier to cook.

I have been doing some research on recipes so I plan on trying some new ways of seasoning and even trying some alternatives such as this cauliflower rice I keep hearing about from Trader Joe’s.  This would make a nice filler side for my meals and count as my vegetable too.

The meals I am currently liking are:

Breakfast- whole egg with egg whites, lentils and spinach (or eggs with avocado and tomato)

Snack- almonds

Mexican- seasoned ground turkey, guacamole and refried beans

Garbanzo beans – just not for breakfast!



Down 1 more lb. So despite the bloat and my cheat day, I am down 3 lbs and have not gone over my start weight once in a week. I do really wish I had started with my newer better scale but c’est la vie- the show must go on,

Breakfast @7- the usual- eggs, spinach, lentils

Lunch @11 – 1 can tuna, celery, onion, 1.2 cup lentils (I have to admit even this was a nice change)

Almonds @3

Dinner @6:30PM – Fish (breaded), green beans, (i skipped the lentils)

After dinner snack – 2 tablespoons peanut butter.



Down 1.4 lbs. – Even with my breaded fish for dinner last night, I lost weight!

Breakfast @7- usual – eggs, spinach, lentils

Lunch@11 1 can tuna, lemon slice, cucumbers and lentils

Snack @3- almonds

Dinner@6:30PM – chicken wings, celery

*Snack – 2 tablespoons of peanut butter – I may very well go through an entire jar in one week!

Afternoon walk for 30 minutes

Today I am having lots of bread cravings- better put that on the crave list for Saturday!

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