The Countdown to Cheat Day Begins

Down 1 lb.- so far 5 lbs. down total but I am getting nervous about being derailed from cheat day.  I am also getting very excited about cheat day because I went an entire 6 days of “healthy eating” and now, I get to indulge, BUT this time, I want to hold myself in check a bit.  This time around, I will eat a regular 4HB breakfast to kick start the day and hopefully, I can swing in a work out sometime.  I don’t work Fridays so when I am home, it is a bit more difficult to stay on track with eating- not only because there is much more temptation in my kitchen, but I have two little ones that don’t really allow things to go as planned most of the time.  I also woke up later so I started off a bit later with everything which led my entire day to be a bit off schedule-

Breakfast @7:30am- 1 whole egg, 3 egg whites, lentils, cucumber (from my garden!)

First thing I had to do this morning was take my little one to the doctor for her shots- NOT looking forward to this. She was already getting tired and I could tell, this appointment was not going to go well.  She literally cried the entire appointment.  5 vaccinations later, and I am relieved to be leaving, as I am sure the nurses are just as happy to see us leave. I mean why on earth do doctors have to do so many of these shots??? Someone needs to work on making vaccinations via pills or powder- (note to self, invent this).  Poor thing, exhausted and thought she would crash but instead, she decided to stay awake for our trip to the store.

On to Sam’s we go and I loaded up on frozen veggies, chicken, pork and fish.   Hopefully this will last me awhile in my own personal meals/lunches throughout the next couple weeks. The downside of the trip to Sam’s was my son insisting on getting a slice of pizza there at the cafeteria. I had to endure my son eating the gooiest most delicious looking slice of pizza and I had to feed it to him! I am pretty sure to someone on a diet, this is a serious form of torture.  Not to mention I was starving and they gave us an extra slice for whatever reason, (more torture).  I was starving but actually powered through and denied myself even a lick of that gooey cheese.  Took a late lunch at noon of just a few turkey slices- I am pretty sure deli meat is not allowed on the 4HB but that is what was available to me. If there is one thing I know, it’s that turkey slices do not come any where near the satisfaction of a slice of cheese pizza- needless to say I was still hungry.  I had a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter to tie my over until dinner- I was looking forward to my steak and green beans.

I went to bed dreaming of eating anything other than my usual meat, beans and veggies.  Not sure how any one could be this excited for food- I am not a big food person, in fact, ever since having my kids, I really lost my cravings for any type of food- all food tasted either bland or too salty. I was not one of those pregnant women that ate a lot or had crazy cravings- I just tried to eat enough to get through the day.  I couldn’t eat much since almost everything made me feel ill. But now that I have been on the 4HB, I realize how much sugar I must be consuming to constantly crave it…and carbs.  I am planning on having some bread tomorrow, maybe even a bagel. All I know is I  was definitely looking forward to a milkshake!

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