Yah for Cheat Day!

IMG_2577Down only 0.4 lb. this morning- don’t really care, carbs here I come!

I started off with an egg and cheese omelet, then a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter, finishing off with a half *Toblerone.

*I actually had to force myself to finish the chocolate bar after the first bite.  So very sweet. Guess I won’t need this on next week’s list.

Lots of water, some kettlebell swings (2 sets of 12)

Lunch was a delicious crispy chile relleno and refried beans. Enjoyed every. single. bite.  I did have some chips and salsa as well but didn’t care to indulge.  I did eat candy throughout the day- I am pretty obsessed with these raspberry and blackberry candies.  They are like gummies wrapped in sugar.  My husband swears they taste like medicine but I love them.  I seriously could eat an entire bag in one day… and have done so at work, I did not do that today.

I was so full from my lunch that I didn’t really want a big dinner but that milkshake was still on the list so fries and a shake from Good Times was my meal.  And that strawberry milkshake was just the best.  I know Good Times is only here in Colorado and Wyoming, but if you ever see one, stop and get a custard shake because they are by far the best shakes I have ever had- I always get the strawberry because they use actual whole strawberries.  It is the best!

So overall, here is what I didn’t regret this cheat day- my chile relleno and the milkshake.  Everything else I could have done without- even the french fries.  The chips at lunch didn’t do anything for me either so all in all, I think next cheat day, I will keep those things off the list.  Until then, let’s see what damage control I will be taking on this week!




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