The Aftermath- Getting Back on Track

I definitely felt the effects of cheat day this morning.  I was pretty groggy and less energetic.  I ate right away (eggs, beans and spinach) and my stomach was a bit upset.  (I will be sure to skip french fries next weekend!)  I gained back about 2 lbs this morning so the damage wasn’t terrible, although if I had actually worked out/walked /anything I probably wouldn’t have gained so much.  But I am ready to get back on track and run those extra 2 lbs outta town!

Its really important when trying to accomplish something to have a goal.  I personally have set two of them- a short term and a long term. The short term goal is to lose 10 lbs.  Once I lose the 10 lbs, I will allow myself to shop for clothes.  I have been so diligent in not shopping that I thought this would be a good reward and provide some more motivation for the weight loss and sticking to the program.  So really, this food program has been a positive twofold- saving my  money in addition to the weight loss.  I think giving myself a month on the program to lose the 10 lbs is doable.  But it is amazing to me how hard it is since I have been trying to lose 10 lbs since a month or so after baby.  I feel like it wasn’t as hard after the first baby but the second has my body all sorts outta wack and since that weight wasn’t dropping, it was time to take action, so here I am.

The long term goal is of course to improve my health and my fitness in order to keep up with my two little kids.  The ideal weight would be a loss of 20lbs.  This would put me back to pre-baby and just about pre-marriage.  Its a lofty goal but I really think its attainable if I really put my mind to it.

Usual breakfast but later than normal 8AM- eggs, spinach, lentils

I skipped lunch- shame on me-

*I did have some iced ginger teat to get me through the afternoon

snack of some turkey deli meat and a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter

Dinner @7 – steak, broccoli, lentils

The following day, Monday, the first day of the work week did not begin well- I was down 1 lb which was a plus, but I started feeling a bit under the weather, like I am coming down with a cold. I kept true to my usual breakfast of eggs and spinach but had a slice of raisin bread and an emergen-C.  Lunch was a can of tuna with celery and some almonds for a snack but by the time afternoon hit, I was really feeling like the cold was happening.  I decided to forgo the 4HB diet for dinner because I had to get PHO.

Now I swear by this stuff- it is truly a magic potion when I am feeling under the weather.  Whenever I start feeling the slightest tinge of a cold, I go straight for the PHO.  Never mind that its 95 degrees out, I was getting it.  It has never let me down.  I did a bit of research on this amazing broth and it turns out that its not just in my head.  Bone broth has a lot of nutrients great for the body and the anise oil used to flavor  is a natural healer.  The guy at the restaurant told me it contained 2 ingredients that are found in Theraflu.  Now I couldn’t find anything on this (at least online) but I truly believe it cures colds.  I always have it with siracha which I am pretty sure kills (burns) all bacteria in your body any way so that helps too.  I indulged in just half the rice noodles, some tofu and A LOT of broth with veggies, and just like that, no more sore throat!  I swear Pho is magic!  I woke up feeling much better but the poundage on the scale didn’t budge.  I also had my measurements this morning- uh oh- but at least I wasn’t feeling sick.  I had my usual breakfast but with an emegen-c – I wanted to continue warding off the cold just in case- then proceeded with my measurements.  Well, no change, no loss and discouragement sets in.  Ugh! What was the point of a cheat day if it completely derails me???  There was no doubt I had lost close to 10 lbs over the course of these couple weeks, but I kept going up after cheat day so net lbs loss was maybe 4 lbs?  Was it worth it???

Now, as I had mentioned before, I had read that woman tend to hold onto carbs more, so I thought I would forego the beans for a bit, specifically for breakfast.  Maybe I was eating too much of them or maybe at the wrong times.

I also came across some forums on the slow carb diet and really had to evaluate my weight loss overall.  Just going day by day, it’s hard to see the progress, at least the positive progress.  Losing 1 lb doesn’t seem like much and it’s hard when you don’t see any loss or a gain any day- probably why they say NOT to weigh yourself after cheat day!-   but if I take a look at my overall progress which is at 2 weeks and 5 days, a loss of  7 lbs (7 POUNDS???) that is a pretty big deal!  Now it is just a matter of staying at this weight and not gaining it all back.

I also had to take into consideration my off week since I was feeling like an onset of a cold.  We cannot always stick to a plan, life happens, so we have to be able to adapt.  I knew PHO was not a huge calorie inducing food, nor is emergen-C but I was worried about carb and sugar intake.  Luckily, this really didn’t effect me too much.  I stuck with the slow carb diet every where else.

The moral of the story is you can’t judge your “weight” loss on just one factor – there are many- and you have to look at the overall perspective.  Do your clothes feel looser? Do you have more energy?  Do you feel good? If these factors all contribute to an overall resounding “YES”, than the path you have taken is a good one.  In my case, its a good one so far.


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