Carb withdrawal


This week had been not only particularly unstable on the health front but physically as well- I don’t know if it was the possible onset of a cold but I had a head ache 2 days in a row. It didn’t seem to get any better once I would eat, and I would even eat more protein or nuts and it would still get progressively worse throughout the day.
I did some research online and apparently going through carb withdrawal is a thing. Many forums I read on the 4HB had several people claiming to suffer from headaches a couple weeks in, which being into my third week was not far off. There was some recommendations of coffee but I don’t drink coffee (unless its sweetened because I sooo can’t stand the after taste) . I ended up just powering through without even falling into a sugar or carb trap! (Patting myself on the back). By the way, it is extremely difficult to avoid chocolate when suffering from a head ache. Especially when I am in an office that has jars of candy on literally every corner of every desk- torture! I also learned that I have quite a bit of will power and that carbs are a pretty tricky food! We really truly get addicted to consuming sugar. Your body’s reaction to sugar and the addiction it can lead to takes on a likeness to using cocaine. Now I am NOT anti-sugar- far from it- I love a good cupcake or rice krispie treat just like anyone else (actually more) but if I have one vice, sugar is it. I truly don’t have an addictive personality, so I don’t like being dependent on anything (even most people!) and even considering that a carb withdrawal could be the cause of these headaches really bothered me. I was stronger than this- I can and will fight through this and not be so heavily reliant on sugar! But I wanted that bagel soooo very bad!!!

On a side note, I thought I could fulfill my sugar craving with a whey protein shake (with almond milk)- BAD idea.  I am sure there are better protein powders on the market but I will not attempt to try any more because I could barely swallow the chalkiness of that drink – I tired  like really tried to like it.  I just couldn’t take it, so protein shakes are out for me.

Overall, I lost 4 lbs for the week which was pretty good but cheat day was just around the corner.  Luckily, I only had 2 things down on the crave list- cookie dough (I literally woke up this morning craving cookie dough-strange) and bread, so planning on a bagel for breakfast.

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