Saturdays are for cheating (with food that is!) and an eye recap

CelebrateStarted off an additional pound down for the morning- wow, now that was a number I had not seen in some time.  Too bad it wouldn’t stay that way after the weekend.  But I did decide to do a few tricks to try and maintain my weight as much as possible. I started off with a usual high protein breakfast – eggs, spinach, mushrooms.

I have substituted mushrooms for lentils in the morning because I really like mushrooms, they go much better with eggs than lentils, and I wanted to limit my carbs (beans), especially in the morning.  This seemed to work great this week since I was down 4 pounds for the week. I also had tuna a couple times for lunch this week and that could have been a contributing factor for the greater weight loss this week.

Once I had the usual breakfast, I headed to my eye follow up exam.  I had PRK done yesterday (more on that later).  With breakfast done, I headed up to my eye exam.   Every thing looked great. Now I could stop by and pick up some BAGELS. I had a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese, got my son the same and my husband a bagel and egg sandwich.  I ended up eating my bagel along with my son’s half leftover bagel.  Let’s just call this 2nd breakfast.  I definitely exceeded my fulfillment of bread intake for the day!

There really wasn’t a need for lunch since I was stuffed from 2nd breakfast so we ended up having Chinese food for an early dinner. I could barely get down more than a few sweet and sour chicken.  I did make room for a couple crab rangoons, but I still had to indulge in that cookie dough so we trucked everyone over to dairy queen and a proceeded to stuff my face with a cookie dough blizzard- or actually, just the cookie dough.  Yes, I ate every piece of cookie dough I could fit into my stomach (which was barely half my small blizzard) and said I was done.  Like really done, drop the mic, i am out – dare I say maybe even ice cream?  Wow, maybe that was the trick- eat so much of a food you love to the point that you hate it!  I had read this article on Beyonce trying to slim down for a movie she did back in the day (Dream Girls-yes, I am dating myself) and because Bey loved Krispy Kreme donuts they made her eat as many Krispy Kreme donuts she waned so to get it out of her system.  She ate an entire box of them and then never again.  Maybe that trick actually works?  I definitely put it to the test today.  I ate so many raspberry candies all through out the day- I thought I loved them, but I actually threw the bag of remaining candies away- yes, in the trashcan, I just couldn’t take it any more.  And so far, 3 days later, I haven’t missed them one bit, not to mention I still don’t want anything to do with cookie dough!

Cookie dough

Now onto my eye surgery, PRK.  I had Lasik done last year on both eyes. I had a great experience.  My surgery was done in 5 minutes, I could see almost immediately after the surgery, woke up from my 4 hour nap and voila, I have sight!  Please keep in mind I am pretty much legally blind prior to surgery.  I was a -11.  The day after Lasik, I actually drove to my follow up appointment without glasses or contacts, but sunglasses because you are super light sensitive for a couple days.  Probably wasn’t the best idea but compared to how I was used to seeing, this was closer to 20/20 than I had been in almost my entire life. Now once the Lasik settled, my sight wasn’t perfect.  My doctor had warned me prior to surgery that because my site was so severe he probably would not be able to laser my eye all the way down just in case it became too thin or caused damage.  After healing from Lasik, the  doctor suggested I get enhancements since my eyes still had some room to be tweaked and could be even sharper.  My left eye was definitely not as good as my right but my right was like a 40 or so, so I could get around pretty well.  I had planned on getting the enhancement done within a few months after the Lasik but then I found out I was pregnant.  Nothing like finding out your having a baby to throw everything into a tailspin!  There were tears, there was a whole lotta blame and there was the “why god why”  over and over, but once we got over that, the “joy” (aka vomiting and nausea) settled in, we had to come back to reality- we were going to be parents twice over.  The pregnancy news was relayed to my eye doctor and I was informed I had to wait until after having the baby and being done with nursing to get the enhancements.  So fast forward a year and a half later, a 6 month little girl in my arms (my angel and thankful every day for her) and I am ready for my enhancements.  This time around the doctor suggested PRK which requires more recovery time, was a bit more uncomfortable, but less invasive, less risky and much better results.  I had the left done first and even though it was no doubt uncomfortable for a few days, the results were amazing.  I am a 15 in my left eye.  Now waiting for the recovery of my right eye which that surgery from Friday as noted above was far less traumatic.  It took all of 3 seconds of laser to do it. 3 seconds. That’s it.  The big reveal day is tomorrow when I get the contact bandage removed. Once that is done, I should have brand new vision. Technology is an amazing thing.



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