A Little Bit of Everything

The first thing I did which I wasn’t supposed to do, was weigh myself.  The damage wasn’t all that bad.  I had about a 1.5 lb gain.  I had been really full yesterday so I really didn’t eat that much overall, and maybe the regular slow carb breakfast helped.  Either way, I would be sure to stick to a typical breakfast to start my cheat days.

So now three weeks in, I am becoming used to eating specific meals- breakfast is the typical eggs, mushrooms and spinach, lunch is a protein like leftover  chicken or a can of tuna, a vegetable and sometimes lentils or beans.  I usually have a snack of almonds in the afternoon if I need it, then dinner is a protein, veggie and maybe beans.  This week I have not been eating too many lentils/beans and so far it doesn’t seem to be effecting my weight at all.

What really effected me today was my eye and the aftermath of the PRK.  It is not so painful as much as uncomfortable.  I have to wear a bandage contact to protect my eye and I do remember once this came out, my eye felt much better.  Well I had until Wednesday before it came out so I would just have to suffer through the blurriness and light sensitivity.


But you know what made up for the inconvenience of my eye?  Seeing my little one crawl!  Today was her first day to crawl- more like an army crawl but watch out, she is on the move and gonna be a whole lot more work! Children are such hard work and will try your patience (and your sanity) every step of the way but the  rewards are huge – love and more love.



I am coming upon a month of doing the slow carb diet and I am exited to do an overall summary of my results, my feelings, etc. That will post in the next week or so.  I am trying to catch up my blog posts to current time so I should be back on track to start next week.  Monday was no change in weight but that’s what I have come to expect so far after the weekend.  But Tuesday was measurement day and despite my little weight loss on the scale, my measurement results were surprising!  Since last week’s measurements, I had a 1.5″ loss in my waist, 0.5″ in hips, 0.5″ in arms and no change in thighs.   So even though I wasn’t seeing too much change in poundage, I was at least losing inches and that was making me very happy.


I got a bit derailed on Tuesday with nuts- I think nuts are ok to have on the slow carb diet but it is easy to consume too many – and I think I did just that.  I bought these coconut cashews from Trader Joe’s, they are AH-MAZING, thinking they would be healthy and not effect my diet.  Which after consuming more than a handful, they actually didn’t effect my weight but I am pretty certain I am not allowed to eat as many as I had, but boy were they good!  They only have 7 grams of sugar for a serving of 13 cashews, which compared to 40 grams of sugar in a soda, I think it’s a much better alternative! I just shouldn’t have a bag at my desk- wayyy tooo tempting…But as I mentioned before, the nuts didn’t effect my weight, in fact I lost another 2 lbs., just two days later.  This week has been not too bad on the craving front- hoping that the carb cravings are subsiding.  And even though I really would have enjoyed my mom’s home made chocolate chip cookie after dinner last night,  I knew it wasn’t hunger, it was just habit.  I have (or maybe had) such a sweet tooth!  I am used to eating something sweet after pretty much every meal- at least lunch and dinner, every day. But this again is just a habit, and they say it takes 21 days to break  habit – it’s been just about that so maybe it has mostly gone away?    All I know is, the only thing on my crave list is a iced chai tea latte – pretty boring huh?  We are going out of town for the weekend so I am excited to eat out at some mountain favorites- most likely pizza and my favorite bakery in Silverthorne.  My next post will be all about my weekend get away- looking forward to some fun outdoor activities, maybe stopping at the Coach outlet- yea for bag shopping ( a favorite activity!!!)  and writing on one of my favorite spots in Colorado- Breckenridge.




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