A Weekend Away


As of today, down 1 more pound, making 9 lbs total.  Could I sustain this after a weekend away?

Today is Friday, a day of preparation for our little family to head to the mountains.  I had to run a few errands before leaving for the mountain trip so once we were all ready to go which was fairly early afternoon, the baggage kept accumulating.  It is truly amazing how much stuff a parent must pack in order to appease a baby.  Just 2 nights requires all sorts of baby gear- a stroller that can handle rough terrain, some sort of chair apparatus that can hold the baby up right in order to feed and corral her for a few moments, bedding and of course the toys.  We were lucky enough to have a pack and play already available at the condo so at least we didn’t have to make room for that!

Once the car was packed chock full of more items and bags than I took on a month long trip to Europe (for real), we headed west.  There is nothing better than getting up into the fresh mountain air, seeing trees and the views, it is nothing short of true peace-minus the small children that insist on sporadically crying or calling “mommy” anytime calm is coming into my personal space.  It is truly all. About. Patience.  Breathe….


Anyhow, once there we were able to do some shopping at the outlets (Coach please!) head up the mountain in a gondola, listen to some live music a top said mountain and eat some dinner.  I, of course, had to accommodate for the slow carb dieting so I had a grilled chicken salad with spinach, black beans, onions, peppers, avocado and some corn.  No cheese, and a small amount of dressing made it just about a perfect salad for me.  It was delicious.  I even enjoyed a glass of red wine!  (More like gulped down a glass of wine to get those kids outta there before baby woke up-asap!)

The following morning was cheat day and as you (and I) can imagine, begin away for the weekend, cheat day was taking on a whole other level of eating!  I had my usual breakfast of eggs, spinach and mushrooms (brought them with me for the weekend) and then we headed to my favorite bakery in Silverthorne,  Blue Moon Bakery.  My wedding cake and cupcakes were made by this bakery so it is quite sentimental in addition to being delicious.  If you are ever in Summit County, go there- even just to pick up a Cookie Monster Cupcake.  I indulged in a bite of my son’s cinnamon roll and then treated myself to a molasses cookie creme sandwich.  I ate about half before hotting my sugar threshold.

We then headed to Breckenridge to the Alpine Coaster and some other kid activities, and then into town for some shopping and more playing.  The weather was a bit cloudy but luckily, it was warm.  The town was pretty busy and crowded but none the less always charming.


Breckenridge Peak 8 Adventure Park

Lunch was a quick Wendy’s stop because when kids finally fall asleep in the car after not napping AT ALL for 24 hours, you find the nearest drive through and eat in the car, while driving for as long as possible.  My chili was good and I ate only about half my fries- I don’t seem to miss them much.

After a long day of being a tourist, it was only appropriate to order in pizza.  I had some caesar salad and two slices of pepperoni pizza which for me is conservative.  I used to be able to take down my own half of a pizza but tonight was not that night.

Sunday was back to the slow carbing and I wasn’t really dreading it.  The only thing I was dreading this morning was heading back into Denver because the traffic on I-70 on any given day is 9 times out of 10 – horrible.  And guess what the odds were not in our favor.  Huge accident and our drive and day was completely derailed, as was my diet!  By the time we got home after being the car for 3.5 hours (its normally a 1-1.5 hr drive) I was pretty grumpy and making dinner was not on my list of to-dos, so we ordered chinese food, definitely not ideal for the slow carb diet, but I made it work. I am sure sesame chicken in not ideal but I had a few small pieces and filled my bowl with a lot to broccoli.  I figure balance and effort are better than completely throwing in the towel!

All in all, the weekend was so very nice and it was nice to realize that my slow carb dieting is adaptable, even in small mountain towns where beer and burgers run rampant!



Top of the Mountain on Loveland Pass

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