One Month Recap

The green dress aka the green tent.  Yes, this is the picture I looked at almost daily to motivate me, (see first entries of my blog)! And wow, what a difference a month can make!  Granted this first picture taken while I was on vacation just over a month ago is a horrible picture, angle and all, but it’s pretty obvious I lost weight in my face and the dress is an overall better fit, at least it doesn’t resemble a tent any more!  I would have posted my before and after in my workout gear but I am not quite ready to share those just yet!



Overall weight loss – 13lbs

Inches lost: – 4.5″ waist, -2.5″ hips, -1″ arm, -2″ thigh – TOTAL: 10″

Fat percentage: 31% body fat down to 28.6%

BMI: I started out at 26.3 BMI down to 24.5 BMI

So I would say seeing a 10″ loss all around my body and a 13 lb weight loss in one month is a pretty good indicator that this slow carbing works for me!

Was it worth the effort? 

I definitely think it was worth the diet change.  It does take more planning but if you  plan your meals out for the week, it actually makes the days easier and more time efficient.  Plus, I have not seen those numbers on a scale in a couple of years so I am happy with the results after just one month!

After losing 13 lbs in just a month with no exercise, I’m also pretty skeptical of anyone that says you HAVE TO work out to lose weight- now I do understand that if you already have low body fat to begin with and want to become more lean, working out would be required as well as a much stricter diet, but in my case, just losing that extra baby weight was ALL diet.

This “diet” has been pretty easy to deal with overall. I think the first week is not bad because you are motivated and should see results pretty quickly, but into the start of the third week, I definitely had withdrawal like symptoms- headaches, strong cravings, and slight grumpiness due to wanting some sugar.  But once I got past those couple days, the cravings became less and less and now, I don’t even have a single item on my crave list for cheat day! Probably because, although it’s nice to have different food on my Saturday cheat day, I never feel great at the end of the day and the following day is usually difficult, at least on my stomach!

Will I continue the same slow carb routine?

Yes! I plan on sticking to this “diet” since its pretty easy to maintain, its adaptable to traveling and going out to eat, and its effective!  Now that I am exploring more recipes, the food is good, satisfying and keeps me energized.

Although my BMI and body fat did not change significantly, I think continuing the slow carbing and checking in after another month would put me in a category I could be happy with. I think a (short term) goal of 25% body fat is not too hard to attain.  I would say my overall goal would be to get down to 18-20% but that is thinking more long term- maybe by the end of 2017???

I have now hit my pre baby weight and anything I lose on top of this as I continue the diet, is icing on the cake.  I would love to get back down to my pre-marriage weight so another 10 lbs would be fantastic but I keep thinking at some point, my body will stabilize and keep myself at a certain weight.  I am sure there is a max amount I can go before my body just stops shedding the pounds.  Has anyone out there done this for longer than a month and noticed any plateau of weight loss???

This week has been especially effective and I am not sure why- I haven’t really changed my meals (maybe a decrease in my bean intake) but in two days, I lost 5 lbs!  Maybe because I have included a bit more nut intake (cashews) and haven’t had any peanut butter.  I also added more egg whites to my breakfast and I think in doing so, my hunger has completely disappeared.  I do wake up a bit hungry in the morning, but this is a good thing since you really should eat a large breakfast, heavy in protein and vegetables.  Maybe the added mushrooms helped too.

So now that I went above and beyond my goal of 10lbs, I should take myself shopping, but I think I may hold off and lose a little more weight before committing to another green dress.










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