I think I over did it

I planned on only having one cheat meal come Saturday but instead I went completely off the rails! I am not sure what happened.  Maybe it was the celebration of my 13 pound weight loss, maybe it was the carb cravings finally kicking in or maybe it was just me wanting to be a pig!  All in all, I wayyy over did it Saturday. I started out with an egg and egg whites, then wanted to go get a bagel but these chocolate frosted Entemman donuts were just sitting on the counter, staring at me, and I just couldn’t stop. I had 4 of them, seriously.  And I didn’t stop there- I ended eating several slices of toast with butter, I mean I REALLY missed bread, then had 2 cups of black coffee to try and compensate for this carb overload.  I am pretty sure it didn’t help.

Flea market finds IMG_2777

We headed to a local flea market to be outside for a bit and do a little local shopping and what is outside shopping without a bag of kettle corn, (I blame my son for that one).  I chomped away on the sweet and salty goodness with my son with no regrets.  Flea markets are fun and also pretty competitive.  I had no idea people were so aggressive when it comes to shopping, except for Black Friday of course.  It was no where near THAT competitive, but there was definitely some calling out first dibs on items, (I plead the fifth).


Lunch was Mexican food!  I had a tad more self control at lunch, indulging in a crispy chili relleno but refraining from the chips and salsa, rice and limiting my intake of the refried beans.  By the way, doesn’t that relleno look like the gooiest, yummiest, cheesiest piece of deep fried goodness ever? After eating the chili relleno, I realized that my previous last chosen meal of “if I ever had to choose my last meal of life” of filet mignon, baked potato and wine may be replaced with this chili relleno. It was just that good.  After lunch, we had walked Home Depot I thought I needed a pick me up so a Starbucks stop was in order!  A small iced chai tea latte, then a few golden Oreos and  then some Cheetos- like what. am. I. doing?  I truly just could not stop!  I did try reasoning with myself- I mean I did just lose 13 pounds, I should be allowed to eat whatever I want!  (Rule #1, don’t try and justify your poor choices, it doesn’t help anything).  Now, I know I said on this diet, you are allowed to eat whatever you want on your cheat day and you really can, go ahead, eat whatever, but I really wanted to dial it back this Saturday so I could try and maintain a decent weight for Monday and not have to get back down as much of the week. I wanted a net a loss  in weight instead of staying the same weight. But maybe even after all of this binging I will still maintain my weight loss.  I suppose, if so, this will be a good test and maybe a bad outcome because if it doesn’t effect my weight, then I may over indulge every Saturday!  Something I would prefer not to do since I always end up feeling so lousy.  This Saturday was no exception.  The lousiness kicked in around dinner and I couldn’t even muster enough appetite to really eat much dinner, which maybe is a good thing.

At the end of my cheat day, I realized how much mindless eating takes place.  When you are not paying attention to your eating habits you really do eat anything that comes up.  It’s just so easy.  Today it was the cookies in the cabinet, the kettle corn at the flea market, and the leftover Cheetos from my son’s lunch on Friday.  But if you are diligent and actually paying attention to your food intake, it really keeps your calorie intake so much lower and the scale numbers so much nicer.

At work, there are candy jars every where. My boss likes candy so much he has a candy rep come in every couple weeks to our office to entice us with sweet goodies.  Now before this diet, I always bought at least one bag of candy.  I also would grab a handful of candy, sometimes several times a day when passing a candy jar or every candy jar in the office.  But now that I pay attention, I catch myself thinking about it before putting my hand in that jar or pulling out my wallet to buy candy. Lesson – even in food choices, BE MINDFUL.


Sunday is a new day, a mindful day, and I decided I really had to get back on track so first thing I did was avoid the scale and move into the kitchen to eat my usual high protein breakfast.  After finishing my eggs, mushrooms and spinach, I was drinking black coffee and realized I really don’t like coffee, at least not without sugar and cream, so I think this will be the last of my coffee intake.  Its strange because I love coffee flavored ice cream and candy, even the smell of coffee, but black coffee is just not good at all and I think I will start drinking more green tea if I need a pick me up.  Mindfulness note taken.

Overall, Sunday ended on a high note- I stuck to my regular slow carb meals – (Lunch was a BLTA minus the bread, dinner was marinated chicken with squash and zucchini) and didn’t feel nearly as lousy as I did last night.  But speaking of trying to better myself physically, and being mindful, how about taking some time this month to improve my myself mentally, working on the mind.

I decided to start meditation practice this month to not only help me cope with stress (aka my children), but to establish a (somewhat) new blogging theme for the month.  Still focusing on wellness but this month, take a more mental wellness approach- meditation.  I had seen a You Tube vlog that mentioned the app Headspace for guided meditation sessions.  I then watched more videos and read some information online about Headspace.  This app is used by over 18 million people- that is unbelievable.  It also means there are a lot of stressed people out there!  This app is an audible app that allows you to listen through guided mediation sessions in daily increments.  I have tried other ways to practice meditation in the past, even one other app, but i find meditating one of the most difficult things to do.  My mind is always on the go, constantly working, so its hard to stop.  So far, Headspace is very easy to follow.  It starts at just 3 minutes a session which is short and sweet, but I’m not sure it accomplishes much.  I’m going to try it for the rest of the month and see if it provides anything of substance to my life- after all I am working towards a better me because there is always room for improvement.  So here I go along the path of meditation.  I will keep you all updated as to my thoughts, ideas and progress, (if any)! Breath in, breath out, be mindful.










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