Meditating Effects (or lack thereof)

I started doing some mediation via this Head Space app and even though I have only done 5 sessions, I am not sure its doing anything for me.  Granted the sessions are only 3 minute sessions, and they are nice while I am doing them, as well as for a short period of time after the session, but it seems to be difficult to carry on this feeling of calm as the day goes on.  It kind of disappears and I am not sure if I am supposed to think back to the session to initiate that feeling or if it should be hitting me because its ingrained in my head, or maybe the session itself is just meant to give me a moment of “zen”?  Who knows, but I guess I will continue meditating this month and see where it leads.

I find writing/journaling much more therapeutic.  I have been binging on bullet journaling videos on You Tube and I have to say, I am pretty intrigued. I have been using a passion planner for the past two years, which I love.  Its a planner but it has lots of monthly questions, quotes and game plans to achieve short and long term goals.  So in some ways, it is similar to a journal but combined with a weekly and monthly calendar.  Now with the bullet journal, you create your own calendar and can draw or write as much as you like, in addition to plan your days, weeks, months any way you like.  For instance, you can create / draw / design a cover page for each month. You can create a daily log or set up a vertical calendar versus the standard monthly calendar.  Here are some vloggers on youtube that I love to watch for inspiration:

My Life in a Bullet

Anne Le (Anne or Shine)

Miss Louie


If you are interested in bullet journaling and want to learn the basics:

Bullet Journal

After watching quite a few videos on the bullet journaling (aka bujo) I think I may give it a try.  I am thinking I will make a final decision in September and get my supplies in October. That’s usually when I order my planner- yes I like to plan months ahead, which may seem stressful for some, but for me its fun.  I love to organize and plan, and the thought of being able to write and draw in a journal / planner seems like a perfect hybrid of planner for me, although it does seem to be pretty time consuming but maybe my baby will miraculously start sleeping through the night and I will have more energy to create in all my newly found spare time – haha.  I currently carry a notebook in addition to my planner in my bag so it would be nice to be able to combine the two and cut down one less thing to carry.  I also like the idea that I can create the style in which I can and will use a calendar in addition to add what ever features i find helpful in planning and staying organized.

I also love to do this thing called a brain dump. This is usually just a page or pages of everything and anything that is clogging up my mind, (kind of like word vomit in visual form).  Sometimes I have a lot on my mind, whether its the kids, meal planning, work, or future ideas on travel, business and just personal stuff and its nice to get it all down on paper, then go through these thoughts and see what is really important.  What should be prioritized is much easier to see and pick out when everything is laid out in front of me. It also allows me to organize the to do’s from the random thoughts that really don’t need attention at the time being.  Currently I like to journal and brain dump before going to sleep to help me wind down and empty my head.  Makes room for my dreams.





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