What we are looking for is already here…and a side of lemon


Is it true?  Everything we are looking for is right here, right in front of us?  I suppose if I look at everything around me, my home, my kids, my husband, my life, it really is all here, everything I need and anything I could ever want, (although I would not mind winning that power ball, I mean $510 million??? Come on).  But inside all of us, sometimes, there is an amount of unhappiness, maybe when times are trying or are less than ideal.  So how do we find our way out of the funk?  In my last blog I touched on ways to just be, find ways to slow down and enjoy the moments, but what happens when those moments can’t turn your frown upside down and days turn into weeks, maybe months of unhappiness?

I think it is important to first decipher the difference between being unhappy (not pleased or not delighted) and just being unsatisfied, (not content).  Being unsatisfied is, I can only assume, in this day and age, quite common. I mean, our economy depends on it and our culture thrives on it!  We are marketed to 24/7- whether it’s seeing ads on tv, internet, and social media on how to be more beautiful, more thin, more wealthy, more stylish, more Martha Stewart, more MORE.  All of these create reasons for us as to be unsatisfied with what we have.  What I have is not enough.  What I have doesn’t solve all my problems.  What I have doesn’t make me perfect.  Marketing is designed to create a need for something you never knew you had, (Scrub Daddy sponge any one?). If our society is any indication, our greed precedes us.  We want these things because the images and ads create an unnecessary need.  It breeds insecurities by inundating us with perfect images of people, places and things.  A lifestyle that is germ free and problem free.  But if we closely examine our surroundings and place priority on what is already in our lives, we can choose to be grateful.  We can choose to be happy and we can choose to be satisfied.  We can place importance on the moments that make up life and as they say, turn lemons into lemonade.

Lemons.  I am sure at this point in time, everyone has heard of the multiple benefits in lemons.  Lemons even without the sugar, are wonderful.  I use a slice of lemon in my water pretty much every day.  It gives my water an extra dose of vitamin C, it helps with inflammation, they enhance digestion and they help boost your immunity.  In fact, my fine lines have become less noticeable.  I chalked it up to good makeup but soon realized I was actually wear less makeup on the daily, (because my skin was looking better).  After reading up on lemons, they are known to help skin tone, making you bright and glowy.  I am pretty sure increased intake of vegetables, from the slow carb diet, specifically greens has helped my skin too but out of all my food, lemons are a mainstay.  I squeeze lemon on my fish, chicken, and veggies in addition to putting it in my water.  So I definitely attribute my rejuvenated skin to my daily intake of lemon.

The littlest things can have the biggest impact.  Its just a lemon, but over the course of a month, it has changed and affected more than a couple aspects of my life.  The expensive miracle cream I have been searching for to rid my fine lines, was really just a daily dose of lemon juice.  Just a little thing, always been right there, right in front of me, and it was really all I needed. I just needed find it, use it in a different way and recognize its worth.  So if your day is going sour, (no pun intended), your daily life seems just so ordinary, find that slice of lemon, it’s already there, right in front of you.  It can make you see things in a different light, a brighter light and provide a more satisfied perspective.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”                              -Dr. Wayne Dyer


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