The Weekend, Reflect and Reset

First Day of SchoolSundays are really great to start and then come 5pm, we are quickly reminded of our last moments of freedom before beginning the work week and entering the daily grind.  Some of us may be lucky enough to not work a regular 8 to 5 job and I really envy those people.  I have always wanted to do my own thing, but of course, money reigns supreme and I always end up resorting to a jobby job.   I have had my own business before, contracting as a paralegal, and it was nice. I definitely took every Monday off, because really Mondays are the worst.  But then my life changed, money changed, situations changed and here I am, seven years later, still working for the man.  But the dream of working for myself has become more of a reality recently so we will see if 2018 will be the start to self employment, here’s hoping.

The nice thing about Sunday, besides being a day of rest, is that it marks a clean slate, to me it’s kind of a reset button day.  A fresh start to the week where you really can start a new project, goal, habit, whatever you like and mark Sunday (or Monday) as day 1.  I like to sit down with my planner, even if its right before bed, and go over the week.  I also like to get my fridge in order and prep my meals for the week.   But besides planning for the up coming week, I also like to reflect on the previous week.

This past week was the quintessential “life caught up with me and diet went out the window” week.  My pay day fell in the middle of the week, posting pining my usual weekend grocery trip, so my meal plans were small and incomplete as far as being completely slow carb friendly, so my last resorts were ordering pizza on Thursday and picking up last minute (pathetic) salads from the store, which were not satisfying and only led me to eat more nuts, fats and heftier dinners.  My son also started preschool, (getting so big!), so we had to celebrate Friday night, going out for Mexican food.  I definitely indulged in cheese BUT avoided the chips completely, as well as dessert.  BY Sunday, my weight showed it, not to mention my stomach hated me for it, but luckily, overall, my damage wasn’t all that bad, just a few pounds over.  Since my week was so off, I decided to forego Saturday as an entire cheat day and really just had one cheat meal.  This probably helped minimize the weight gain.  But overall, my usual slow carb diet for the week was completely thrown off.  So Sunday allowed me to start my clean eating.  I also read up on some plant based dieting and although I think going completely plant based would be difficult while slow carbing, I think I would like to try doing it for a majority of my meals, because to be honest, I am getting tired of eating so much meat.  I am not a big meat eater to begin with, so eating meat for at least two meals a day is just overkill for me.  So I think this week I may try foregoing meat for lunch (still doing eggs and tuna) and maybe just have it for dinner.  I also discovered cauliflower rice so this may help with meal variety.  It will add a nice side dish to my usual protein and veggies, and also add a nice extra serving of vegetables which can’t be bad for the waistline.

Being food and meal focused on Sunday helps me not have to focus on food and meals  during the week, leaving more time to be with family, and do other things I enjoy, like reading and writing, or even sitting and zoning out, watching You Tube videos if that’s what my head needs.

Also by reflecting on the past week I can see where I didn’t do things the way I wanted to- in this case it was my poor meal planning- and learn from those mistakes.  This week I will make it a priority to stick to my slow carb meals, stop being so hard on myself as far as when I fall off the wagon, and also be a little more focused with my meditation practice.  I am just about out of my free sessions and am debating on purchasing a package of sessions, dedicated to specific areas of focus.  I would like to focus more on patience and happiness, gratefulness, because these are things I want to work on in my every day life.  I would also like to read more.  My kindle has books downloaded ready to read but I keep putting it off.  This week, I won’t out it off.  Its a fresh start, a new week and a new month just around the corner, (how is that possible?).  A solar eclipse to look forward too tomorrow!  I want to start my week off relaxed yet motivated, organized and – how will you start your week?

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