Summer Favorites

Since I didn’t spend nearly as much time on meditation as I thought I would this month, I thought I would do my last August entry on a few favorites. These are things I enjoyed throughout the summer.  With summer coming to a close, I thought it would be fun to list some favorites of the season.

Beauty: My Lorac pro palette 3 – I mean as you can see, besides being beat to heck, the thing is practically at pan on every color.  I am now using the Pro palette 2 in conjunction with the 3 but I have to admit, I am strongly considering repurchasing the 3 because I love it that much. I can do any kind of eye look (every day to dramatic), liner too, and I even use it for blush, under eye powder and highlight.  I don’t contour much but I have used the shade cool taupe for a subtle contour.


Body: Lavender scrub from Trader Joe’s finally restocked this summer! So after a year of waiting to locate it and get my hands on it, it finally came into my local Trader Joes and I use it all the time.  Love the scent, love the scrubbiness, all around my favorite body scrub.

Bits and Bobs: Bamboo shower stool.  I know, really random.  But I know many of you ladies out there (and maybe some male cyclists swimmers 🙂 ), have all been there.  You try and shave the legs but there is no where to hold your leg up. I have a standing shower and it didn’t occur to me that I needed something to set my foot on to shave until I wasn’t pregnant any more.  I moved into my home while pregnant and literally never shaved because bending over was such an issue.  But once I wasn’t pregnant any more, every time I would shower, I kept thinking I really need something to set my foot on. And of course, I would forget this need and relive this annoying void in my life until I finally sucked it up and purchased small bamboo stool to fit into my shower, and I absolutely love it.  It may have been one of the best purchases ever.  Such a small thing but huge impact- definitely no regrets.

Book: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – this read was the kick off to my summer and to my motivation in losing weight and the revamping of the blog itself!  I would like to re read this highly inspiring book but I have to get through a couple other reads first.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Bites: Cookie dough- I have no idea why but I craved cookie dough a lot this summer. I made a healthier edible uncooked cookie dough version with this recipe:


Edible egg-less cookie dough recipe

Baby:  Mum mums – Mum mums are rice crackers shaped like surfboards that come in a variety of flavors.  Ever since my daughter got her first tooth at just about 7 months, she has been loving these things, (I also give her pizza crust, I know, mom of the year award).  Get them at your local grocery store or Target. Learn more about them here:

Mum Mums

Bon Voyage: this summer for travel and every day essential would be my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag  – this bag is great for many reasons.

1.  The multiple straps make the bag very versatile and convertible so you can use it as a cross body, a shoulder bag or as a backpack, which when traveling, I love using it as a backpack- it keeps you hands free and the multiple pockets stores loads of things for yourself and your kids. I did add the handle strap on the top of the bag for added convenience.

2.  It has a diaper pad built in to the front of the bag which can detach for throwing in the wash or tossing it separately into a purse, and;

3. Lots of pockets to separate baby items and your own things.  Not to mention it doesn’t look too much like a diaper bag so I don’t feel too dorky carrying it.

Petunia Pickle Bottom

Next month, for all of September, blogging will be all things Fall!





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