September is here!


As I mentioned in a previous blog, Fall is my favorite time of year, so entries this month will focus on all things fall!

I will start my first blog on all things fall with my favorite drink of the season, chai tea!  I am not much of a coffee drinker and I actually don’t care so much for pumpkin spice, (shhh, blasphemy!)  so tea it is! I enjoyed iced green tea this summer but once September begins,  I really get into the Iced Chai Tea Lattes at Starbucks.  Chai tea is a black tea and contains plenty of antioxidants, which aids in inflammation.  It also contains spices as cinnamon, clove, cardamom and black pepper, which are also beneficial.  These spices are known to aid in digestion and “warm” the body.  I do like the chai tea iced this early on in the season since our temperatures here in Colorado are still in the 90’s.  In order to stay true to my slow carbing, I do hold off on cream, and have skim/low fat or almond milk and limit the pumps of flavor- the syrup contains loads of sugar, definitely not slow carb friendly so I don’t take Starbucks trips daily but just once a week as a treat!  You can also make your own – I have tried the chai mix from Trader Joe’s that is pretty good, although a little too heavy on the creamer and sweetener for me, or you can do it the good old fashioned way -buying tea bags and brewing your own cup.

I am a fan of the Yogi tea brand! They are organic and have lots of different types of chai- black, red, green, etc. Click here to find where you can get yours!

Yogi Tea – where to buy

Tips to get the best brew:

  1. Buy organic
  2. Make sure to let the bag (or leaves) steep for at least 5 minutes,
  3. And (if needed) add cream or milk of your choice, and / or natural sweeteners, (agave and honey are my favorite!

UPDATE: I just made my first tea of the season and used the Tazo Organic Chai.  Used about a spoonful of agave and low fat milk. Poured it over ice and voila! Pretty good! Slightly spicy- you can definitely taste the cinnamon- although not as spicy as Starbucks. But it certainly made my kitchen smell warm, cozy and delicious- I need a candle that smells like that.



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