Tinges of Yellow

Just the first weekend of September and there were already hints of yellow amongst the trees, fall is officially here!

Little bit of yellow in the middle of the tree- there is much more yellow among the trees but getting a shot in all this smoke is difficult! 

Unfortunately, with all of the fires happening around the north west, Colorado has been socked in with smoke making the skies look hazy and brown, hiding the mountain views and creating a fiery orange filter on the sun.

Fires are our biggest concern here in the west.  There has to be just the right amount of moisture to keep our mountains green and protected from turning into tinder.  But it seems every summer, the threat of fires is always a looming concern and we never have enough rain.  If we do happen to get some rain, the landscape turns green and the foliage becomes overrun, which then dries out and we become an easy target for fires.  Of course fire can and does naturally occur but what bothers me the most is that many of these fires are started by people, making a majority of these fires easily avoidable.  We have (careless) people that start fires (accidentally) by a cigarette being thrown out the window, (yea, its 2017 and apparently people still smoke cigarettes AND litter???) or an inexperienced (not so bright) camper decides to make a fire where there is almost always a fire ban, and then you have the pyros who just like to start fires.  All three types of idiots make for high risk in Colorado and with the increasing population in our beautiful state, it’s no wonder that fires happen frequently.  So what to do?  You could enforce stronger penalties for those people who litter and throw cigarettes for starters, but doubtful that littering is high on the law enforcement list.  So this is me on my soap box saying PLEASE DO NOT LITTER and STOP SMOKING CIGARETTES! Seriously, these are probably my biggest pet peeves, littering might be number 1! Until then, all you can do is lots of rain dancing and pray for the best.

A red sun – no filter




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