Breaking Out the Sweaters


It is still fairly warm here in Colorado but in the morning and late afternoon, there is definitely a chill in the air.  The mornings are much cooler and as the nights get dark earlier, the temperatures start to drop, making it perfect temperatures for breaking out my cozy sweaters.  I am very prone to throwing on one of my cashmere cardigans.  I have several from J. Crew and though they are expensive, every so often you can find them on sale. I used to get one every year, but haven’t purchased one in a few years since the last time, I purchased two.  I have had them for years, and have even repaired my beloved navy one a couple of times.  The nice thing about these are they are lightweight, but extra warm, small and thin enough to throw into a bag, super soft and they come in a variety of colors.  They are also a nice and easy option to throw on over a t-shirt or tank top for the office .  I have s few from Nordstrom Rack as well but I will be honest, they don’t get as much use as J. Crew cashmere cardigans. I personally prefer the three quarter sleeve version but I am not opposed to anything cashmere.

J Crew Cardigan

JCrew cardigan

The cooler weather is definitely welcome, although we should still be hitting the 80s for the upcoming week.  The last few weeks have been very dry and hot, only adding fuel to these ever burning fires.  It seems the smoke will never go away.  I can’t even imagine what people are doing who are located in actual fire zones.  How are you able to breathe or see? The air here is very hazy and my sneezing and itchy eyes and nose have been pretty miserable, so any lower temperatures help in the allergy department.  There is a small chance of getting some moisture this weekend but I am not sure what effect it will have, if any, on our parched land.

In the meantime, I will get ready for sweater weather by pulling out my trusty go-tos and some recently purchased ones from Free People that I am so excited to break in- big, soft and flowy sleeves seem right on trend this season – and I may need to update my cashmere cardigan collection as well.  Thank God there is online shopping!



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