These boots are made for Fall



Cowboy boots
My beloved cowboy boots 

My last blog was a short and sweet one on sweaters. And since I am still carrying on with the fall weather theme, I thought I would keep with the fashion theme and write about my FAVORITE shoe of choice, which really aren’t shoes but BOOTS! I love boots.  I love knee highs, over the knee, ankle boots, booties and even cowboy boots!  I actually got married in pink cowboy boots which I have worn many times outside the wedding and and to this day, they are one of my favorite pair of boots.  Which is kind of strange because I am nothing like a cowgirl- I don’t wear cowboy hats (unless its for a costume), Wranglers are not my thing and I don’t even like country music but I suppose if there is one thing western about me (besides being from Colorado and loving the mountains) is that I can rock a pair of cowboy boots with pretty much any outfit.


I decided to splurge on two pairs of boots for the fall season this year.  I always have a pair of taupe suede booties.  My most recent pair were my main maternity shoe.  They were extremely worn in and stretched out making them too big for me now.  I am so into this style shoe, I believe this is my fourth pair of this type of bootie.  They are so useful- the color goes with everything since they are a really nice neutral.  The suede can get worn in and dirty, and they still look nice.  They are short enough to wear underneath a boot leg jean and look great with skinny jeans. There is a slight heel so they give me a little lift.  And actually the shape of the bootie is very similar to cowboy boots.  I wear them with long and short skirts, and even jean shorts in the summer.  They really are my perfect go with everything shoe.


The second pair of boots I purchased for the season are an over the knee suede black heeled boot.  Now I would normally never wear something like this but I had a complete nineties flashback and nostalgia kicked in when I saw these boots. I had a pair similar to these in high school. They were a slouchy black suede boot with ties at the top.  I wore these slouchy black boots with ruffle collared bell sleeve shirts- apparently in the nineties I was channeling my inner pirate, (see the Seinfeld episode about the ruffle shirt- and yes I am totally dating myself). But besides the nostalgia brought on by this pirate-esque boot, they also fit so perfectly.  It can be difficult to find a tall boot that fits well over my calf and since these did, I had to get them.  And they were on sale – that alone is enough to convince me I need to buy a pair of boots.  I can’t wait to wear these with a couple of my fall dresses.  They are slim enough on my legs that tights and nylons are not necessary (thank God because I can’t stand nylons) and they actually stay up while walking since they are fitted just right.  I will probably wear these with a couple of skirts and maybe some leggings with tunics.  So even though they would not be my usual boot of choice, I think I will have plenty of options for these!

Black bootsAnother favorite boot of mine that I can’t seem to find, are combat boots. I have a pair that are so beaten up- they have been re-soled twice.  There is no more tread and barely a sole.  These combat boots were the boots I wore to Burning Man, carried me through many Denver Cruiser nights (for costumes and riding my cruiser all over the city), and were worn year round, not just the winters.  So not only do I love the style, these in particular have a ton of sentimental value.  I guess nothing could really replace them.  I keep debating about getting a pair of Doc Martens since they would probably last me through much more wear and tear than my original combat boots, but I am not sure they would wear in as nicely.  They may be too clunky for me, and maybe too young and trendy for my age but I am still on the look out for a similar pair of tried and true combat boots, but I am certain if I do find another pair, they couldn’t live up to my originals.








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