Hair, What is it Good for?

Bring a new season and all, I finally got my hair cut.  It has been at least 2 years since having an actual styled cut.  There have been a few trims but a real cut with style was in order.  Now having turned 40 and had my second baby, I really needed a change.  I didn’t do anything drastic- just a slightly angled bob but I did cut off several inches, maybe 8-10 and it definitely made me sad.


What is it about hair?  I think especially for women, we have such a bond with our hair.  Not every one does and I envy those women who can pull off a pixie cut and not give it a second thought. But most of us struggle with finding the right cut for our face shape, our style and most importantly one that fits our life style.  Long hair is coveted amongst most women and unfortunately most of us don’t have naturally glorious thick hair (yes I am looking at you Joanna Gaines- jealous).  I for one, for most of my life, have had long straight hair.  There is not an ounce of volume in my hair so if it becomes too long, it’s literally just dead weight, and ends up making me feel dragged down, heavy and like Cousin It (see The Addams Family- an old black and white sitcom based on a monster family), or the girl from The Ring.  But once my locks are cut, there is a sense of not only physical lightness, but freedom.  Freedom to not have to worry about styling it, or carrying around the sheer weight of my thick hair.  Also, I can go longer without washing it.  I did still keep it long enough to pull it back into a pony tail so at least I still have that.  But when losing that much hair,  there is a sense of loss.  Long hair really symbolizes femininity. It goes back to biblical days when women’s hair was their crowning glory. And ultimately it then circles back to youth.  Long beautiful hair represents youth, in turn fertility and thus men find this characteristic attractive.  That’s not to say all men find long hair the epitome of beauty but the statistics show they do prefer long hair and this really is instinctual. But beauty trends, along with hair styles come and go.  And being 2017, you would think hair should not be that big of a deal our hair somewhat represents our beliefs (maybe keeping it long reflects your more traditional side, whereas cutting it short shows you are unconventional), and our hair reflects our personalities.  So it’s no surprise that changing it from your normal daily uniform has a big impact.

Long hair although it can be attractive and has the ability to showcase a variety of styles (if you have the time and money) also has a lot of cons.  Long hair is expensive to maintain. I mean the amount of products us woman (and some men) spend on hair care is ridiculous, especially long hair.  And most people get their hair cut, trimmed or styled professionally every few months if not more frequently.   It also can get in the way. One of the main deciding factors of cutting off my hair was due to my 8 month old little girl constantly pulling and tugging on my hair, putting it into her mouth or just plain pulling it out.   And then there is the regrowth.  After having a baby, your hair sheds an obscene amount, like so much I thought I was going bald.  Now that it’s over, the regrowth has begun and it is not fun to have tiny baby hairs peaking out or sticking straight up out of your head.  I will give myself at least 6 months to a year before my hair is any where near normal again.

Since cutting it, I use different makeup, even my outfit selections are a bit different.  In fact, by having shorter hair, I tend to dress more “girly” and wear more makeup to appear more feminine.  I didn’t realize I do this until actually looking back on my fashion choices and how I dressed and wore makeup once getting my hair cut.  And I believe I do it because deep down, I feel like short hair makes me look like a boy.  I know I don’t look anything like a boy but I guess I don’t feel as pretty or as confident as I normally feel with long hair.  So now that I can see this, I am going to try and embrace the shorter hair.  I will wear it confidently, and will be more aware of my fashion choices to accentuate my hair style rather than distract from my shorter hair.  I not only need to do this for myself but I should set an example for my daughter.  She needs to know that long hair, although it can be pretty, is not the only choice for a girl and her hair can be a fashion statement as well as a reflection of a phase in her life.  She should feel pretty and confident no matter the length of her hair and should be open to trying out styles and cuts to suit her personality, rather than adhering to the Rapunzel prototype.

Don’t get me wrong, I love long hair and will most likely end up growing it out long again, but until then, I will welcome this change, and now I don’t have an excuse to hide behind a curtiain of hair.

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