December is here, and 2018 is right around the corner!



Well it’s been a hot minute since I last wrote.  Lots of changes in life – new job for my husband, new job for me and with an entire household recovering from some nasty viruses (our sitter and Nana included) November seemed to be a month of just trying to survive! And now with the holidays getting revved up, I have been so short on time that writing seems difficult to squeeze in, but from now on, I am going to do my best to post at least once a week.

First the weight:

I actually haven’t lost any more or gained any more.  I am back down to pre baby weight and even though I would like to lose an additional 10 lbs. for the heck of it,  holiday food (eggnog) is every where and it seems to stick to me! My solution to maintain my weight has been to limit my carb intake, particularly during the week, always have a protein packed breakfast, and then splurge a bit on the weekend, (more eggnog).

What is it about the holidays that make everyone at work want to put candy and baked goods in front of my face?  I just can’t resist the peppermint bark and gingerbread, to me peppermint bark IS Christmas! That and eggnog 🙂 So overall my sugar intake definitely increases during this time of year, but I have been a bit better about baking and cooking more at home.  I have also made sure to do more salads and veggies for lunch.  Resisting the holidays treats just isn’t going to happen for me- I used to be a Grinch, but now that I have kids, the Grinch is in hiding and I say, bring on the holiday cheer- including the sugar!

There is so much to do during this time of year.  We have already visited Santa twice, (apparently Santa likes to hang out in Denver for the month of December) and we have attended two lighting events. And it is only December 3.  This year the holidays have been much more fun.  My son is three so he is full on into Christmas. So much so we are now at the age that we can threaten our son with the “no visit from Santa/no presents” and he straightens right up.  Even when he makes a mistake, he asks mom to “not tell Santa”.  If only this threat could last throughout the year….

We did spend some time this weekend donating toys. I think it is so important to teach children to give.  My son didn’t want to let go of anything at first, but once we got started, he was okay with giving toys to other kids to play with.  As much as he loves his superhero costumes and toys, my son seemed to have much more enjoyment in decorating the house and attending holiday events and actually spending time with family.  While going through his toys, he also knew he was scoring extra brownie points from Santa, (and Mom and Dad).  Despite the strong presence of advertisements and the “buy, buy, buy” mentality during this time of year, it is easy to lose sight of the true meaning and spirit of Christmas.  My son is only three, but I believe he is not too young to learn goodwill, no one is,  and really, that is what Christmas is all about.   Here’s to Christmas cheer!






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