My Mind is Still Up in the Mountains

My mind is still up there in the mountainsOh Mondays-  what is it about a Monday that makes it so unfortunate and uneventful?  For one, having to suck it up and come into the office after a nice weekend away in the high country makes it unfortunate, and being the start of a week with really nothing to look forward to but four more days of work, makes it uneventful,  It’s difficult to get started as my mind is still up in the mountains.

After seeing that my damage wasn’t all that bad after the weekend, I decided to do the unthinkable- stray from the slow carbing!!! I was only up a couple lbs and since these generally come off as the week progresses, I wasn’t too discouraged.  Plus my pants were getting pretty baggy so I was taking it as a good sign the weight was coming off, regardless of how many lbs the scale was telling me.  I didn’t have my usual eggs, spinach and mushroom breakfast since I had no time to hit the grocery store when arriving late from the mountains yesterday, so I made an executive decision to stop and get a bagel on my way into work-  I know, what a splurge!  I also followed it up with a black coffee.  I enjoyed every minute of that bagel but vowed to stick to my slow carbing diet for the remainder of the week.

I had a spinach salad with cucumber, tomatoes and hard boiled eggs with some vinaigrette dressing.  Very tasty and filling.  Then chicken fajitas (minus the tortillas)with guacamole and black beans made for a delicious dinner.  I didn’t have any cravings after dinner.  It may be the first time I didn’t have a craving for something sweet after a meal since I started this whole process- I even skipped the peanut butter, and the next morning, the scale did not disappoint, I was already 2.5 lbs down!

Being Tuesday, I had to take my measurements, these were also very good- I was definitely making progress!

Down 0.5″ in waist

Down 0.5″ in arm

Down 1.0″ in thigh

0″ – no change in hips.

I felt so good about the loss in weight and inches that I decided to try on a skirt I haven’t worn in over a year and a half, and to my relief, it fit better than before because it didn’t even feel tight!  I also need to brag just a little here- I have had this skirt for close to 15 years making me the same size at 25 years old!

Once I found out I was pregnant with baby number 2, I went through my closet and stored many clothes I knew would not fit me for quite some time. I marked the box with a label to be opened in October.  With how things were going, I would probably be able to fit into those clothes a lot sooner than October, now that was something to look forward too! As much as I was looking forward to going shopping I may not have to seeing as all my old things would be wearable again.   Nothing better than a free shopping spree of clothes I already love.





A Little Bit of Everything

The first thing I did which I wasn’t supposed to do, was weigh myself.  The damage wasn’t all that bad.  I had about a 1.5 lb gain.  I had been really full yesterday so I really didn’t eat that much overall, and maybe the regular slow carb breakfast helped.  Either way, I would be sure to stick to a typical breakfast to start my cheat days.

So now three weeks in, I am becoming used to eating specific meals- breakfast is the typical eggs, mushrooms and spinach, lunch is a protein like leftover  chicken or a can of tuna, a vegetable and sometimes lentils or beans.  I usually have a snack of almonds in the afternoon if I need it, then dinner is a protein, veggie and maybe beans.  This week I have not been eating too many lentils/beans and so far it doesn’t seem to be effecting my weight at all.

What really effected me today was my eye and the aftermath of the PRK.  It is not so painful as much as uncomfortable.  I have to wear a bandage contact to protect my eye and I do remember once this came out, my eye felt much better.  Well I had until Wednesday before it came out so I would just have to suffer through the blurriness and light sensitivity.


But you know what made up for the inconvenience of my eye?  Seeing my little one crawl!  Today was her first day to crawl- more like an army crawl but watch out, she is on the move and gonna be a whole lot more work! Children are such hard work and will try your patience (and your sanity) every step of the way but the  rewards are huge – love and more love.



I am coming upon a month of doing the slow carb diet and I am exited to do an overall summary of my results, my feelings, etc. That will post in the next week or so.  I am trying to catch up my blog posts to current time so I should be back on track to start next week.  Monday was no change in weight but that’s what I have come to expect so far after the weekend.  But Tuesday was measurement day and despite my little weight loss on the scale, my measurement results were surprising!  Since last week’s measurements, I had a 1.5″ loss in my waist, 0.5″ in hips, 0.5″ in arms and no change in thighs.   So even though I wasn’t seeing too much change in poundage, I was at least losing inches and that was making me very happy.


I got a bit derailed on Tuesday with nuts- I think nuts are ok to have on the slow carb diet but it is easy to consume too many – and I think I did just that.  I bought these coconut cashews from Trader Joe’s, they are AH-MAZING, thinking they would be healthy and not effect my diet.  Which after consuming more than a handful, they actually didn’t effect my weight but I am pretty certain I am not allowed to eat as many as I had, but boy were they good!  They only have 7 grams of sugar for a serving of 13 cashews, which compared to 40 grams of sugar in a soda, I think it’s a much better alternative! I just shouldn’t have a bag at my desk- wayyy tooo tempting…But as I mentioned before, the nuts didn’t effect my weight, in fact I lost another 2 lbs., just two days later.  This week has been not too bad on the craving front- hoping that the carb cravings are subsiding.  And even though I really would have enjoyed my mom’s home made chocolate chip cookie after dinner last night,  I knew it wasn’t hunger, it was just habit.  I have (or maybe had) such a sweet tooth!  I am used to eating something sweet after pretty much every meal- at least lunch and dinner, every day. But this again is just a habit, and they say it takes 21 days to break  habit – it’s been just about that so maybe it has mostly gone away?    All I know is, the only thing on my crave list is a iced chai tea latte – pretty boring huh?  We are going out of town for the weekend so I am excited to eat out at some mountain favorites- most likely pizza and my favorite bakery in Silverthorne.  My next post will be all about my weekend get away- looking forward to some fun outdoor activities, maybe stopping at the Coach outlet- yea for bag shopping ( a favorite activity!!!)  and writing on one of my favorite spots in Colorado- Breckenridge.




Saturdays are for cheating (with food that is!) and an eye recap

CelebrateStarted off an additional pound down for the morning- wow, now that was a number I had not seen in some time.  Too bad it wouldn’t stay that way after the weekend.  But I did decide to do a few tricks to try and maintain my weight as much as possible. I started off with a usual high protein breakfast – eggs, spinach, mushrooms.

I have substituted mushrooms for lentils in the morning because I really like mushrooms, they go much better with eggs than lentils, and I wanted to limit my carbs (beans), especially in the morning.  This seemed to work great this week since I was down 4 pounds for the week. I also had tuna a couple times for lunch this week and that could have been a contributing factor for the greater weight loss this week.

Once I had the usual breakfast, I headed to my eye follow up exam.  I had PRK done yesterday (more on that later).  With breakfast done, I headed up to my eye exam.   Every thing looked great. Now I could stop by and pick up some BAGELS. I had a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese, got my son the same and my husband a bagel and egg sandwich.  I ended up eating my bagel along with my son’s half leftover bagel.  Let’s just call this 2nd breakfast.  I definitely exceeded my fulfillment of bread intake for the day!

There really wasn’t a need for lunch since I was stuffed from 2nd breakfast so we ended up having Chinese food for an early dinner. I could barely get down more than a few sweet and sour chicken.  I did make room for a couple crab rangoons, but I still had to indulge in that cookie dough so we trucked everyone over to dairy queen and a proceeded to stuff my face with a cookie dough blizzard- or actually, just the cookie dough.  Yes, I ate every piece of cookie dough I could fit into my stomach (which was barely half my small blizzard) and said I was done.  Like really done, drop the mic, i am out – dare I say maybe even ice cream?  Wow, maybe that was the trick- eat so much of a food you love to the point that you hate it!  I had read this article on Beyonce trying to slim down for a movie she did back in the day (Dream Girls-yes, I am dating myself) and because Bey loved Krispy Kreme donuts they made her eat as many Krispy Kreme donuts she waned so to get it out of her system.  She ate an entire box of them and then never again.  Maybe that trick actually works?  I definitely put it to the test today.  I ate so many raspberry candies all through out the day- I thought I loved them, but I actually threw the bag of remaining candies away- yes, in the trashcan, I just couldn’t take it any more.  And so far, 3 days later, I haven’t missed them one bit, not to mention I still don’t want anything to do with cookie dough!

Cookie dough

Now onto my eye surgery, PRK.  I had Lasik done last year on both eyes. I had a great experience.  My surgery was done in 5 minutes, I could see almost immediately after the surgery, woke up from my 4 hour nap and voila, I have sight!  Please keep in mind I am pretty much legally blind prior to surgery.  I was a -11.  The day after Lasik, I actually drove to my follow up appointment without glasses or contacts, but sunglasses because you are super light sensitive for a couple days.  Probably wasn’t the best idea but compared to how I was used to seeing, this was closer to 20/20 than I had been in almost my entire life. Now once the Lasik settled, my sight wasn’t perfect.  My doctor had warned me prior to surgery that because my site was so severe he probably would not be able to laser my eye all the way down just in case it became too thin or caused damage.  After healing from Lasik, the  doctor suggested I get enhancements since my eyes still had some room to be tweaked and could be even sharper.  My left eye was definitely not as good as my right but my right was like a 40 or so, so I could get around pretty well.  I had planned on getting the enhancement done within a few months after the Lasik but then I found out I was pregnant.  Nothing like finding out your having a baby to throw everything into a tailspin!  There were tears, there was a whole lotta blame and there was the “why god why”  over and over, but once we got over that, the “joy” (aka vomiting and nausea) settled in, we had to come back to reality- we were going to be parents twice over.  The pregnancy news was relayed to my eye doctor and I was informed I had to wait until after having the baby and being done with nursing to get the enhancements.  So fast forward a year and a half later, a 6 month little girl in my arms (my angel and thankful every day for her) and I am ready for my enhancements.  This time around the doctor suggested PRK which requires more recovery time, was a bit more uncomfortable, but less invasive, less risky and much better results.  I had the left done first and even though it was no doubt uncomfortable for a few days, the results were amazing.  I am a 15 in my left eye.  Now waiting for the recovery of my right eye which that surgery from Friday as noted above was far less traumatic.  It took all of 3 seconds of laser to do it. 3 seconds. That’s it.  The big reveal day is tomorrow when I get the contact bandage removed. Once that is done, I should have brand new vision. Technology is an amazing thing.



Carb withdrawal


This week had been not only particularly unstable on the health front but physically as well- I don’t know if it was the possible onset of a cold but I had a head ache 2 days in a row. It didn’t seem to get any better once I would eat, and I would even eat more protein or nuts and it would still get progressively worse throughout the day.
I did some research online and apparently going through carb withdrawal is a thing. Many forums I read on the 4HB had several people claiming to suffer from headaches a couple weeks in, which being into my third week was not far off. There was some recommendations of coffee but I don’t drink coffee (unless its sweetened because I sooo can’t stand the after taste) . I ended up just powering through without even falling into a sugar or carb trap! (Patting myself on the back). By the way, it is extremely difficult to avoid chocolate when suffering from a head ache. Especially when I am in an office that has jars of candy on literally every corner of every desk- torture! I also learned that I have quite a bit of will power and that carbs are a pretty tricky food! We really truly get addicted to consuming sugar. Your body’s reaction to sugar and the addiction it can lead to takes on a likeness to using cocaine. Now I am NOT anti-sugar- far from it- I love a good cupcake or rice krispie treat just like anyone else (actually more) but if I have one vice, sugar is it. I truly don’t have an addictive personality, so I don’t like being dependent on anything (even most people!) and even considering that a carb withdrawal could be the cause of these headaches really bothered me. I was stronger than this- I can and will fight through this and not be so heavily reliant on sugar! But I wanted that bagel soooo very bad!!!

On a side note, I thought I could fulfill my sugar craving with a whey protein shake (with almond milk)- BAD idea.  I am sure there are better protein powders on the market but I will not attempt to try any more because I could barely swallow the chalkiness of that drink – I tired  like really tried to like it.  I just couldn’t take it, so protein shakes are out for me.

Overall, I lost 4 lbs for the week which was pretty good but cheat day was just around the corner.  Luckily, I only had 2 things down on the crave list- cookie dough (I literally woke up this morning craving cookie dough-strange) and bread, so planning on a bagel for breakfast.

The Aftermath- Getting Back on Track

I definitely felt the effects of cheat day this morning.  I was pretty groggy and less energetic.  I ate right away (eggs, beans and spinach) and my stomach was a bit upset.  (I will be sure to skip french fries next weekend!)  I gained back about 2 lbs this morning so the damage wasn’t terrible, although if I had actually worked out/walked /anything I probably wouldn’t have gained so much.  But I am ready to get back on track and run those extra 2 lbs outta town!

Its really important when trying to accomplish something to have a goal.  I personally have set two of them- a short term and a long term. The short term goal is to lose 10 lbs.  Once I lose the 10 lbs, I will allow myself to shop for clothes.  I have been so diligent in not shopping that I thought this would be a good reward and provide some more motivation for the weight loss and sticking to the program.  So really, this food program has been a positive twofold- saving my  money in addition to the weight loss.  I think giving myself a month on the program to lose the 10 lbs is doable.  But it is amazing to me how hard it is since I have been trying to lose 10 lbs since a month or so after baby.  I feel like it wasn’t as hard after the first baby but the second has my body all sorts outta wack and since that weight wasn’t dropping, it was time to take action, so here I am.

The long term goal is of course to improve my health and my fitness in order to keep up with my two little kids.  The ideal weight would be a loss of 20lbs.  This would put me back to pre-baby and just about pre-marriage.  Its a lofty goal but I really think its attainable if I really put my mind to it.

Usual breakfast but later than normal 8AM- eggs, spinach, lentils

I skipped lunch- shame on me-

*I did have some iced ginger teat to get me through the afternoon

snack of some turkey deli meat and a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter

Dinner @7 – steak, broccoli, lentils

The following day, Monday, the first day of the work week did not begin well- I was down 1 lb which was a plus, but I started feeling a bit under the weather, like I am coming down with a cold. I kept true to my usual breakfast of eggs and spinach but had a slice of raisin bread and an emergen-C.  Lunch was a can of tuna with celery and some almonds for a snack but by the time afternoon hit, I was really feeling like the cold was happening.  I decided to forgo the 4HB diet for dinner because I had to get PHO.

Now I swear by this stuff- it is truly a magic potion when I am feeling under the weather.  Whenever I start feeling the slightest tinge of a cold, I go straight for the PHO.  Never mind that its 95 degrees out, I was getting it.  It has never let me down.  I did a bit of research on this amazing broth and it turns out that its not just in my head.  Bone broth has a lot of nutrients great for the body and the anise oil used to flavor  is a natural healer.  The guy at the restaurant told me it contained 2 ingredients that are found in Theraflu.  Now I couldn’t find anything on this (at least online) but I truly believe it cures colds.  I always have it with siracha which I am pretty sure kills (burns) all bacteria in your body any way so that helps too.  I indulged in just half the rice noodles, some tofu and A LOT of broth with veggies, and just like that, no more sore throat!  I swear Pho is magic!  I woke up feeling much better but the poundage on the scale didn’t budge.  I also had my measurements this morning- uh oh- but at least I wasn’t feeling sick.  I had my usual breakfast but with an emegen-c – I wanted to continue warding off the cold just in case- then proceeded with my measurements.  Well, no change, no loss and discouragement sets in.  Ugh! What was the point of a cheat day if it completely derails me???  There was no doubt I had lost close to 10 lbs over the course of these couple weeks, but I kept going up after cheat day so net lbs loss was maybe 4 lbs?  Was it worth it???

Now, as I had mentioned before, I had read that woman tend to hold onto carbs more, so I thought I would forego the beans for a bit, specifically for breakfast.  Maybe I was eating too much of them or maybe at the wrong times.

I also came across some forums on the slow carb diet and really had to evaluate my weight loss overall.  Just going day by day, it’s hard to see the progress, at least the positive progress.  Losing 1 lb doesn’t seem like much and it’s hard when you don’t see any loss or a gain any day- probably why they say NOT to weigh yourself after cheat day!-   but if I take a look at my overall progress which is at 2 weeks and 5 days, a loss of  7 lbs (7 POUNDS???) that is a pretty big deal!  Now it is just a matter of staying at this weight and not gaining it all back.

I also had to take into consideration my off week since I was feeling like an onset of a cold.  We cannot always stick to a plan, life happens, so we have to be able to adapt.  I knew PHO was not a huge calorie inducing food, nor is emergen-C but I was worried about carb and sugar intake.  Luckily, this really didn’t effect me too much.  I stuck with the slow carb diet every where else.

The moral of the story is you can’t judge your “weight” loss on just one factor – there are many- and you have to look at the overall perspective.  Do your clothes feel looser? Do you have more energy?  Do you feel good? If these factors all contribute to an overall resounding “YES”, than the path you have taken is a good one.  In my case, its a good one so far.


Yah for Cheat Day!

IMG_2577Down only 0.4 lb. this morning- don’t really care, carbs here I come!

I started off with an egg and cheese omelet, then a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter, finishing off with a half *Toblerone.

*I actually had to force myself to finish the chocolate bar after the first bite.  So very sweet. Guess I won’t need this on next week’s list.

Lots of water, some kettlebell swings (2 sets of 12)

Lunch was a delicious crispy chile relleno and refried beans. Enjoyed every. single. bite.  I did have some chips and salsa as well but didn’t care to indulge.  I did eat candy throughout the day- I am pretty obsessed with these raspberry and blackberry candies.  They are like gummies wrapped in sugar.  My husband swears they taste like medicine but I love them.  I seriously could eat an entire bag in one day… and have done so at work, I did not do that today.

I was so full from my lunch that I didn’t really want a big dinner but that milkshake was still on the list so fries and a shake from Good Times was my meal.  And that strawberry milkshake was just the best.  I know Good Times is only here in Colorado and Wyoming, but if you ever see one, stop and get a custard shake because they are by far the best shakes I have ever had- I always get the strawberry because they use actual whole strawberries.  It is the best!

So overall, here is what I didn’t regret this cheat day- my chile relleno and the milkshake.  Everything else I could have done without- even the french fries.  The chips at lunch didn’t do anything for me either so all in all, I think next cheat day, I will keep those things off the list.  Until then, let’s see what damage control I will be taking on this week!




The Countdown to Cheat Day Begins

Down 1 lb.- so far 5 lbs. down total but I am getting nervous about being derailed from cheat day.  I am also getting very excited about cheat day because I went an entire 6 days of “healthy eating” and now, I get to indulge, BUT this time, I want to hold myself in check a bit.  This time around, I will eat a regular 4HB breakfast to kick start the day and hopefully, I can swing in a work out sometime.  I don’t work Fridays so when I am home, it is a bit more difficult to stay on track with eating- not only because there is much more temptation in my kitchen, but I have two little ones that don’t really allow things to go as planned most of the time.  I also woke up later so I started off a bit later with everything which led my entire day to be a bit off schedule-

Breakfast @7:30am- 1 whole egg, 3 egg whites, lentils, cucumber (from my garden!)

First thing I had to do this morning was take my little one to the doctor for her shots- NOT looking forward to this. She was already getting tired and I could tell, this appointment was not going to go well.  She literally cried the entire appointment.  5 vaccinations later, and I am relieved to be leaving, as I am sure the nurses are just as happy to see us leave. I mean why on earth do doctors have to do so many of these shots??? Someone needs to work on making vaccinations via pills or powder- (note to self, invent this).  Poor thing, exhausted and thought she would crash but instead, she decided to stay awake for our trip to the store.

On to Sam’s we go and I loaded up on frozen veggies, chicken, pork and fish.   Hopefully this will last me awhile in my own personal meals/lunches throughout the next couple weeks. The downside of the trip to Sam’s was my son insisting on getting a slice of pizza there at the cafeteria. I had to endure my son eating the gooiest most delicious looking slice of pizza and I had to feed it to him! I am pretty sure to someone on a diet, this is a serious form of torture.  Not to mention I was starving and they gave us an extra slice for whatever reason, (more torture).  I was starving but actually powered through and denied myself even a lick of that gooey cheese.  Took a late lunch at noon of just a few turkey slices- I am pretty sure deli meat is not allowed on the 4HB but that is what was available to me. If there is one thing I know, it’s that turkey slices do not come any where near the satisfaction of a slice of cheese pizza- needless to say I was still hungry.  I had a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter to tie my over until dinner- I was looking forward to my steak and green beans.

I went to bed dreaming of eating anything other than my usual meat, beans and veggies.  Not sure how any one could be this excited for food- I am not a big food person, in fact, ever since having my kids, I really lost my cravings for any type of food- all food tasted either bland or too salty. I was not one of those pregnant women that ate a lot or had crazy cravings- I just tried to eat enough to get through the day.  I couldn’t eat much since almost everything made me feel ill. But now that I have been on the 4HB, I realize how much sugar I must be consuming to constantly crave it…and carbs.  I am planning on having some bread tomorrow, maybe even a bagel. All I know is I  was definitely looking forward to a milkshake!

A (Few) Days in the Life


This morning, down 1 lb.

Overall, a work day is usually an easier day to get through since I am not constantly thinking about my food. I prepare my lunches for work and already have my snack of almonds at my desk so day time eating during work doesn’t take as much thought.  Dinner is a little more difficult since I do alter my plate from the family’s, (toddlers generally don’t eat steak and green beans) so I try to modify or eliminate the carb portion of the family meal for my own plate. So far, I haven’t missed potatoes or rice, not a big fan of these sides anyway, but bread is a big downfall of mine when it comes to carbs.  Once I have a  piece of bread, I just can’t stop eating it, and it could be any kind of bread- banana, garlic, or even just plain sandwich bread.  It’s all good to me!  So my biggest and most consistent craving so far is bread.  I am very much missing it, especially my usual sesame bagel with plain cream cheese I get at least once a week for breakfast.  (Side note- put bagel  on the crave list.)

The positive points on being on the 4HB, besides losing pounds and inches, is it is pretty cheap to prepare your meals.  I bought a bag of dry lentils at Target for a little over $1.00 and not knowing they expand A LOT once cooked, I made the whole bag which will probably last me more than a week.  I am currently growing spinach in my garden at home so I have spinach pretty much every morning for breakfast (free) and then having the egg whites with whole eggs, I think my usual breakfast costs less than $0.50  – now that is cheap!

Another positive is that meal planning is pretty easy, especially now that I am getting used to eating certain things.  Since I know I have to pick a protein, a bean and a vegetable, its easy to prepare my meals, not to mention easier to cook.

I have been doing some research on recipes so I plan on trying some new ways of seasoning and even trying some alternatives such as this cauliflower rice I keep hearing about from Trader Joe’s.  This would make a nice filler side for my meals and count as my vegetable too.

The meals I am currently liking are:

Breakfast- whole egg with egg whites, lentils and spinach (or eggs with avocado and tomato)

Snack- almonds

Mexican- seasoned ground turkey, guacamole and refried beans

Garbanzo beans – just not for breakfast!



Down 1 more lb. So despite the bloat and my cheat day, I am down 3 lbs and have not gone over my start weight once in a week. I do really wish I had started with my newer better scale but c’est la vie- the show must go on,

Breakfast @7- the usual- eggs, spinach, lentils

Lunch @11 – 1 can tuna, celery, onion, 1.2 cup lentils (I have to admit even this was a nice change)

Almonds @3

Dinner @6:30PM – Fish (breaded), green beans, (i skipped the lentils)

After dinner snack – 2 tablespoons peanut butter.



Down 1.4 lbs. – Even with my breaded fish for dinner last night, I lost weight!

Breakfast @7- usual – eggs, spinach, lentils

Lunch@11 1 can tuna, lemon slice, cucumbers and lentils

Snack @3- almonds

Dinner@6:30PM – chicken wings, celery

*Snack – 2 tablespoons of peanut butter – I may very well go through an entire jar in one week!

Afternoon walk for 30 minutes

Today I am having lots of bread cravings- better put that on the crave list for Saturday!

I lost HOW many inches???

So my weigh in this morning was much to be desired- I was only down a total of 3 lbs for the week but my water weight was still very high and I still had to take my measurements.  I was dreading it actually- because if I didn’t change in inches, and I deprived myself of all good foods in life (sugar and carbs) for one whole week and nothing to show for it, I am not sure this whole thing would have been worth it.  But alas….

I went ahead and took my waist, arm, thigh and hip measurements. I had to go back to my journal to see what my original measurements were and I did a double take- much to my surprise, I was down 2″ in my thighs and 2.5″ in my waist and hips! I didn’t change in my arms, but I lost quite a bit everywhere else so I was pretty impressed, happy with the results and very MOTIVATED! Maybe there was something to this diet!

The thing is, despite my strict food intake this past week, I know I couldn’t keep up eating like this forever.  So I have a goal.  The goal is to lose 20 lbs.  Once I can get down 20 lbs. and I have attained my goal, I can then modify my food intake, at least in order to maintain my weight and not gain.  Judging from my results, those nasty sugars and carbs were very much to blame for my after-baby muffin top.  I really haven’t done any working out so far, so I think if I incorporate some light work outs and weights with my diet after this initial two week try out, I may be able to pull off 10 lbs in 1 month, maybe more.

Breakfast @7- 1 whole egg, 3 egg whites, 1 cup spinach, 1/2 cup lentils LOTS of water 

Lunch @11- chicken, peas, lentils 

Cold green tea with lemon

Snack @ 3PM – 12-15 Almonds

Dinner@6:30PM – turkey tacos – replace shells with butter lettuce leaves, refried beans, guacamole

Snack – 1 tablespoons of natural peanut butter

Here’s to losing those inches!!!


Day 7 – Ugh, was all my hard work for nothing?

Today is one week from my start of the 4 hour body (4HB) so back to weighing myself this fine Monday morning and though I was down for the week in total, it was only about a pound and a half- UGH,  did my cheat day really ruin all my hard work???

I was pretty discouraged so I did some research online from other bloggers who are or have done the 4HB.  You know, the internet is an amazing thing- you can literally find anything yet I was still somewhat surprised as to how much information there was on the 4HB- I guess I was a bit behind on the band wagon! There were many tips and tricks for maintaining your weight during cheat day, as well as things that normally happen when first doing this diet.

I learned that women tend to hold onto carbs more than men so incorporating the amount of beans recommended in the book is not necessary for women.  It was recommended that the amount be halved which to me came as quite a relief.  I am pretty burnt out on beans.  So starting tomorrow I will not have beans at every meal, just at lunch and dinner.  Let’s see if this has any impact on my weight loss. I also noticed my water weight was high on the scale so this could be the bloat which would most definitely effect my weight.  Also the book mentions that pounds are not a tell tale sign of weightloss- checking inches lost around various parts of your body is a good indicator of your body losing weight. Tomorrow will be my measurement day so maybe that will show some progress.  Other tips that I will try for my next cheat day will be:

  • Eating within 30 minutes of waking up (even on Saturday)
  • Load up on protein!  Make your first meal of cheat day with lots of protein-  So, as much as I don’t want to eat eggs, looks like they will be on the menu for cheat day.
  • Try and work out on cheat day- the book says to do a 90 second power move (like squats or kettlebell).  I find it hard to believe 90 seconds could make a difference but again, I will try anything to not gain all that weight back on cheat day.

Meals for today:

Breakfast @7AM- 1 whole egg, 3 egg whites * I did purchase liquid egg whites so I could up my protein and lower my amount of fat since yolk is high.

Lunch @11- Leftover chicken kabobs- delish! 1/2 cup lentils and 1 cup spinach

Snack @3PM – 15 almonds

Dinner @6:30PM – Chicken, Garbanzo beans, peas

Snack (Dessert!) 2 tablespoons of peanut butter

PB 2

I was getting somewhat bored with my food picks so I did some searching online and I was able to download and print a list of slow carb friendly foods from Finding My Fitness  .  This list makes it easy to reference a food and to make choices for future grocery purchases easier by choosing one (or more) item from each category.  I also saw peanut butter on there and pretty much thought that would be a great snack/dessert to at least satisfy some after dinner cravings.   You obviously cannot eat much of it, about two spoonfuls, but its something and that little something tastes pretty darn good after not having sugar for a few days.